Taking best friends for “Granted”

I learned so much about genuine love from my past experiences and in that realized the importance of cultivating relationships.

I started thinking about the term “Best friends “A big smile comes to our faces when we think of them. There are various moments that we cherish as we grow old, there are ups and downs in every relationship we have people in our lives who come and go but the best relationship is a best friend. That’s why it is referred to as or called “Best friends”.

Taking relations for “granted” is a trend these days. People just ignore feelings, understandings, love, and care of their loved ones, then feel left out from them. Now the question arises why this happens?? Not giving enough respect, and time to relation.

I mean “What do u mean by best friends”??

This is not something which we have to do like study. It is not mandatory, we do not do it with everyone, it’s rare. We do it with all our heart and soul. It involves ‘Sacrifices’.

What usually I hear, the most common thing is ‘BUSY’. I mean did we call them ‘ best ‘ so that anytime we having trouble or anything that they can say is that we r busy I’ll call u later or something like that and then they call when they are free after 3-5 days or even more than it. No, we called them best because we believed that no matter what they are going to be there in every situation of our life.

Best friends are those who can take time out of their busy schedules. I heard from lots of people that we are busy, we don’t have time. Nobody has time in today’s life, the best ones make time for their best ones. We have to sacrifice in some or the other way that’s why all special bonds include the word “Sacrifices”.

Do u guys think the same way?

Just think twice before nodding your head.

We have to think guys where we are heading. Don’t compare them, do not forget them when u meet new ones. Don’t take them for granted like “yeh to kahi nahi jayega pehle Jo naye hai unko time de hai”. This confidence is ok but does not let enter the word called “LENIENCY”. Don’t be like “mil lenge yr kbhi bhi 1-2 mahine mai free hoke“. Don’t lie about things, don’t say or do anything for the sake of their heart or theirs.

For example, from my personal experience, “There was a girl, she said we are good friends because I considered her, one of my close friends but she said it for the sake of my heart but what happens next, her words didn’t match with her actions. It hurts a lot. She was hardly bothered by the fact that I am there or not, she didn’t care about it. So, don’t lie about things say it on the face whatever it is. It is important to convey truth whether it is bitter or sweet.

We have to think about it guys, if we lose them anyhow we are going to regret it the most. When no one will be there to console u or have your back or when u need them. But for our generation, it’s a bit tough to make them understand the real value of ”BEST FRIENDS”. 




So it’s in our hands to depend on time to make us understand or think about it and make things better.

The readers reading this if anyone of u makes things better after reading this or can understand the real value of “BEST FRIENDS” my job is done.



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