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Looking up in the sky when dusk surrounds us, it feels as if the whole cosmos is approaching towards the deep slumber of sleep. We tend to think about what remained unsaid and what was overly expressed. In the midst of all this, a chain of thoughts and emotions run through our spine, making us nostalgic about our near and dear ones. As we move ahead, when the thought of our parents struck us, a sense of warmth surrounds us. If I were to say something about them, it would only be that, “All my innocence, I got from my mother and all my patience was bestowed upon me by my father.”
Growing up, I had a special bond with my father that I still cherish. It is said that a father is like a shelter and when you don’t have one, all the heat from the sun, rain from the clouds, and the storm from the sand, come directly towards you, and the importance of this person is realized when you actually lose him. It has been 8 years now, and I am still realizing this fact. The fact that destiny is having a different plan for me is making me stronger day in and day out.
At that moment, the magnitude of this event was beyond my understanding, but as things unfold themselves truly, it has become one of the profound experiences that one can ever have. Obviously, obstacles are coming, but they are more like the stepping stones that result in giving me a new perspective on both my inner self and the outer world.
I came across so many different scenarios and got to learn so many things about how things work in the real world. I experienced the importance of comprehending that how everyone wants to be understood, and truly being empathetic helps in widening our point of view. It can help us in becoming proactive with the events and situations in which we are and will encounter in the future.
This instance has given me a positive outlook towards life that no matter what happens in life, the gutsiness to never give up should always stay. Not just a positive outlook but it has also made me emotionally strong. Instead of being a burden, I acted as a support system for my family. I felt that collaborating and harmonizing styles of thinking gradually became substantial in my way of experiencing this world. The beauty of nonchalant and being concerned, both at the same time, is in itself thought-provoking. The indifferent attitude toward what happened in past and my living in the moment is a major learning for me which I am in the process to get through.
This is one of those experiences that will last long. There are lot many things to learn from the event that has happened in the past, and someday, I wish to end this with a statement that there is no difference between going through the rough rocky lands and losing everything in the end.

By Chirag Ladha

One thought on “A BLISSFUL SHELTER 

  1. So, firstly i would appreciate you for writing this blog which in the starting was fully abstract for me as i was thinking that it is about nature or on evening thought but after reading i got to know what it is all about, for why you named this blog A BLISSFUL SHELTER and for what you meant by it. Your experience truly touched my heart how you started how you told that you lost your father at an early stage but then also you are strong enough to handle the situations that came along and i believe that you will continue to stay strong and tackle all your difficulties with calmness and positive attitude and with that i also loved that how you kept this experience to never ending as with every passing year this experience will redefine itself in a new way and surely one day there will be no difference between going through the rough rocky lands and losing everything in the end.


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