Here I have a short story to share, once there was a man, while way back home after a long and tiring weekday. He saw some people standing in a crowd and probably it was clear to him that some mishap had occurred. He didn’t feel the need to stop and inspect what happened, and therefore he left without any halt in his way. As he reached home, he realized that his daughter haven’t reached home yet. He began to call her but received no reply. A few moments later, he received a call and heard someone else speaking on the other side and telling him that, his daughter had met an accident and is severely injured and asked him to reach the spot urgently. He shoot his car to the place and took his daughter to the hospital, but the doctor couldn’t save his daughter’s life. Later he realized that it was the same place he ignored, way back home when his daughter had an accident. Had he stopped there to help, his daughter would have survived. The moral of discussing this story here is that I have survived a similar story. I had a serious accident one day while I was riding Scotty to my school. I fainted while I was riding to school and woke at the hospital half conscious. When I opened my eyes I saw my complete family around and a lot of staff from the school. Secretary, principal, sports teachers, and a few more. Since I was lying on the road unattended few people pulled me to the roadside and made a crowd around. One of the primary teachers from my school was passing by, she saw that someone met an accident and stopped because she saw a girl (me) in the school dress from her school. She tried to search in my bag to get to know my details- name and contact details. She found one card in my bag, which carried details like- my name along with section class and contact details. She tried to reach out to that contact which was my mother’s no., but it was switched off. She tried to get the alternative contact detail from the school. It was my father’s contact. She tried to reach out to my father. She Informed dad that her daughter had met an accident, and we are taking her to the nearest hospital – Manipal hospital. My mom was out for a morning walk. Her phone was switched off. My dad along with my brother rushed to the hospital. When I gained consciousness, I saw my brother in front of me. I had tears in my eyes and a feeble voice. I had an injury to my head. The complete scarf was soaked in blood. I was taken in emergency and had sutures and then was taken for a city scan. I was fainting again and again. And then shifted to ICU. I was discharged after 2 days and survived as there was no internal injury. But since there was huge blood loss, if I would not be taken to the hospital for a few more minutes that day I might have not been alive today. So the only message I wish to convey is that if the teacher would have left me unattended I would have not been writing a blog here today. I would have not lived. So we should stop and help anytime we see any accident around us instead of ignoring, clicking photos, making videos, or simply acting as a crowd and discussing, it would provide immense satisfaction. So I have learned not to leave any accident unattended ever.

By Nidhi Maheshwari


  1. After reading this blog It was great learning for everyone that Nidhi shared in her blog because in every person’s life this type of moment happens they saw any type of accident but they don’t go to help them. This type of blog should be reading to everyone & they should be taking initiative & try to help them out because ” Koi Na Koi vha pe Kisi na Kisi ka Beta, Beti, Bhai, Bhen, Father, Mother, Dost hote hai” & Thanku So Much Nidhi for sharing your experience.


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