We all have days where nothing feels right, the days where the sun doesn’t shine, the days where you are clueless, or the days which are not as colorful as a rainbow up in the sky! I’m sure we all have had our these days. 

You might feel from the above lines that taking a career break is a curse on our resumes, isn’t it? Let me introduce you to an episode of my life –


So it was at my graduation that I had to drop out of college in the mid of the session, and it 

was a one-year break for me! The break which changed my life! It may sound all good till now but Dost, jo hota hai vo dikhta nahi hai or jo dikhta h vo hota nhi hai ! 

This career break slipped me into a situation where I knew it was time to take help! how does it feel seeing your friends and acquittances or your batchmates winning the race of the career? And, you on other hand have nothing to do, you are left with no college! Ah, sounds sad, isn’t it? This was the moment I knew had to take a helping hand and live my life again. There were changes in my mood, thought process or should I say there was a change in my entire self! I could feel myself being lazy or unproductive and most importantly empty. I wasn’t happy with myself or my life, and I didn’t want to accept that this was my new reality, so instead of accepting the reality, I thought of changing it because why not? I took a couple of sessions to get rid of this so-called “DEPRESSION”! And after a few days I was there standing, smiling and confident in my actions or words or should I rather say in my life! 

Here I’m with my graduate degree and I’m pursuing my master’s from such a renowned college! who knew a girl who thought her life has come to an end will be writing this blog in the future? But, it seems we’re afraid that once we take a sabbatical leave from work, we won’t be able to maintain our career credibility when returning to the workforce. But believe me, it’s not true! you can overcome anything and everything in your life, if you’ve will and control over your mind! DAR KE AAGE JEET HAI!

In the end, I just want to say never be afraid or sad about anything that happens in your life, god has numerous plans to make you happy! A career break or dropping out is not the end of life!

By Ashi Joshi

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