There is one thought that keeps me going every single time “doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to”. Now, relating it to my thoughts, life experiences and my upcoming goals they all have one thing in common i.e. consistency in my routine & work, to be precise, discipline in my life. how it enhances within me and gives me boosts whenever needed. Talking about the perspective of thoughts- I simply relate it to the upcoming events or say the upcoming day in the routine, making up my mind what all is to be done, how it is to be carried out and trying to implement or stick to my routine as much as possible. For me, thoughts are like a rough structure built up in my mind and if I can’t control what I think, I’ll end up in either a blank state or will doubt my thoughts. I never used to think a lot about my routine, what it should be, is it even important for me to have a thought on it? But my perspective changed when I gradually started to learn from discipline as being a part of my experiences. There was a stage in everyone’s life when we used to get up late, eat lunch at 4 or 5 and have midnight dinners. The time flies right? I was the same kind of person. but for now, I wake up early, do all things that need to be done throughout the day on time and stick to my routine. Life taught me discipline in different aspects, say it in terms of job, studies and time. A year ago, when I was involved in a marketing and sales job, I came across one of my distributors who was very punctual about the timings of his work. On point 7 sharp he used to put down his shutters for his office and even if someone wants to have a meeting at say 7:01, he used to tell his employee to fix the meeting the next day. I learned from him that the concept of punctuality is also related to discipline or say every concept of life is interlinked with each other. I have my goals to be achieved, say it in the short term or long term. I stick to them and accomplish them on a regular basis. This all boosts me up or gives me confidence in myself and keeps me on track. I’ve been working out for like 4-5 years and initially when I started, looking at big guys in the gym I was like I can’t even achieve that type of physique and other negative thoughts about myself. But I believed in myself and being consistent resulted in my better shape day by day and then relating my life and my goals with the same thought that if I would have given up in the initial stages of working out in the gym I wouldn’t achieve the physique that I have today. so, if I give up on my thoughts and goals I will never accomplish what I dream of or want. So I would like to conclude that I agree with the fact that discipline in life changes everyone for good. Life is too beautiful if you realize these kinds of aspects and implement them because learning is never limited or knowledge is never limited. It keeps on growing every single day. One of my uncles taught me a sort of life lesson “if I have 10 Rs in my pocket and he has 20 Rs in his pocket, if we both exchange, the amount would be just the opposite. but son if I have 10 knowledge and you have 10 knowledge, if I share my 10 with you it would result in 20 knowledge in your brain and the same goes with me”. These are like intangible assets which keep on growing if you keep each aspect of life in order.            

Bhanu Pratap Singh Shekhawat

Section C

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