Error: Not Feminine Enough!

Disclaimer: Not a Feminist blog post, rather a turmoil within to justify the word, Feminine.

My blog calls into question what is the actual definition of the word ‘Feminine’. I googled the word ‘Feminine’ one day, and to my surprise, the words related to it were gentle, soft, tender, sensitive. Not making any sense, right? My purpose to pen down my thoughts is not to raise a voice for gender equality or neutrality, rather accepting each person for who they are. 

My name is Yashaswini Nischal, and, I am not joking at all when I say that everyone, be it in school, UG and now in PGDM know or recognize me due to my outlandish personality in sync with THEIR definition of ‘Feminine’. 

I can’t actually recall the day when I started to observe that there is a serious terminology error with people’s idea of the ‘It’ word. But just to share the snippets of over the years I could say that, till date I have been surrounded with few people in every stage of my life who are somewhat not comfortable with the idea that a female can possess bold personality attributes just as a male can do. 

Although I go through these kinds of hurdles almost every 3rd day in my life, I would connect a few dots for you by sharing a very petty incident. It was a regular day for me where I was attending a session and towards the end of it, due to some formalities boys were asked to leave the venue first and girls were required to stay, but suddenly a voice appeared from nowhere which very mockingly said, ”Hey Yashaswini! why are you sitting, boys are supposed to leave right?”. 

That day I didn’t feel hostile, rather felt sorry for that person, as to how wrongly they have deduced the true meaning of ‘Feminine’. 

Considering one’s compelling and undaunted perceptions as a fault in their identity is not a recent progression rather a system beheld since ages. 

Why is a female’s noticeable voice not applauded and more readily termed as an exception of being less womanly?

Why a male’s soft speaking skills made fun of and gets the tag of a spineless man?

You see that there is no problem in oneself, it’s fairly a loophole in our society’s predefined interpretation of what a male is supposed to come out as and what a female is supposed to take care of. But with the growing awareness and opposition about this differentiation, still there is a point of error which is resisting this change. Surprisingly, it is our today’s tech-savvy world whose audience is just a few seconds away from googling what attributes the word ‘Feminine’, ‘Female’, ‘Womanly’, ‘Delicate’ hold and what attributes does the word ‘Manly’ behold.  This is the moment you know that our dearest search engines are not true at all! 

Let us all break the shackles and start accepting the person  for who they are, rather mocking and pushing them down because they  have the courage to bring forward their distinctiveness from what the society and the terminologies of personality traits ought them to be. 

Yashaswini Nischal

Section C

5 thoughts on “Error: Not Feminine Enough!

  1. What a wonderful way to help us realise the incorrect perception we have of the word ‘feminine’. This blog helped me understand that the thing which was overlooked by me whenever I heard of it, was actually a perception created by society and I have come to know now that it is completely wrong. Thanks for making me realise it and I hope to correct those around me whenever such a thing happens.


  2. Excellent blog with unique perspectives. Really, it’s been a while since I’ve read something of this nature. I also hold the same opinion. I also find it disturbing when people associate femininity with weakness and masculinity with strength. The irony is that not just men, but even women, think the same way. Being feminine, in my opinion, is not about being gentle or sensitive. It is the attitude of treating everything and everyone with warmth and grace. People, particularly women, feel embarrassed of themselves as a result of prevalent stereotypes. Not everyone is as confident and smart as you are. No matter how small, I am confident that your blog will make a difference in this scenario.


    1. Hey Dheeprada, I genuinely liked the metaphor you used that being feminine is a way of treating people with warmth and grace. Thanks for giving it a read.


  3. Hey Yashaswini, after reading your blog I genuinely feel that there is some serious terminology error with people. I feel very proud of you, that you are being you, came out with your side of the story and experiences in such a subtle manner. I am amazed that you wrote everything in a manner that is not demeaning the other genders.
    Creating space for such a sensitive and elaborative topic so uniquely is commendable. I hope everyone reading this gets to the depth of it and recognize this difference in their daily life as well.


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