Is it the right time to buy Electric Car

Battery or fuel cell, that is the question | Volkswagen Newsroom

Everyone is aware of how electric vehicles may benefit the environment, making them the way of the future for transportation. No emissions vehicles mean pollution would be less, therefore a pollution-less environment means a greener environment. Therefore, when it comes to environment-friendly transportation, electric vehicles play a significant role. At present, there are few options when we talk about electric cars in India. Because of the EVs’ complicated technical terminology, purchasing an electric vehicle might be challenging. Before purchasing an environment-friendly vehicle, there are several things to take into account. Every element influences one’s decision, from the cost of the automobile to the facilities for charging. There are lots of aspects that one has to consider before buying an EV, for example, Price, Specifications, Range, Life of the motor and the battery, Charging options, cost of maintenance, Insurance cost, usability, and benefits that are being provided by the government. 

Taking an example to understand the scenario let’s take the example of Tata Nexon Petrol and Electric, if a person bought a petrol Nexon for 10 lakhs (say) and they have driven 15000 km in 1 year and it cost around 125000 (say), now, if another person bought an electric Nexon for 13 lakh and has driven same no. of kilometers and it just cost them 15000 (say), it is quite noticeable that for a year petrol vehicle is a better deal but if we consider it in long term then an electric car is far cheaper than petrol cars, also the maintenance cost is far less for an electric car compared to the internal combustion engine. So, for daily commuting electric cars are the best options for anyone as the range they offer is more than enough for daily commutes but coming to long-distance travel it could be a problem for anyone as the charging infrastructure is not that strong and also it takes a good amount of time in charging the vehicle as well. So, it is up to the user’s usability.

Akshat Sharma

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