Laptop buying tips for MBA students

Hello everyone, my name is Mohit and I am pursuing my PGDM from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. This blog may be very helpful for so many students because there are so many students who never use a laptop before their MBA and some people are using but they want to change it as per the requirements of an MBA. They confuse among the variety of laptops available on the market. So I am going to tell you about the minimum requirement that must have in your laptop. I am also sharing these tips based on my personal experience because I also faced some confusion while buying a laptop before my MBA journey. These tips will save you time for research about laptops and they will also clear your doubts.

  1.  First of all your major work in MBA will be in MS Office, Zoom meetings, internet surfing for assignment purposes, and sometimes research purposes (for some people tableau and power bi tools). So this work does not require a costly and high-feature laptop. A laptop with decent features is sufficient.
  2. A processor in your laptop should have at least an i3 processor, i5 is good enough. The latest processor is the best option. i5 is more than sufficient for basic use. Try to pick a processor above i5. If you have only available options i3 or i5 so I am suggesting you go with i5. You will have a good experience with it.
  3. Storage should be minimum of 500 GB. Now you can have 100 GB SSD and rest storage in HDD or you can have complete storage in SSD. At least your local disk C must be in SSD. Some will confuse SSD and HDD, so SSD is faster than HDD. SSD is a must for today’s laptops otherwise your laptop will start lagging soon and you will be frustrated. SSD is triple times costly as HDD. So you can choose 100 SSD+400HDD GB storage. It will be sufficient for you.
  4. The webcam must be there otherwise you will have to buy it separately because some companies are interviewing Zoom. Also, some meetings may be on Zoom in your college.
  5. Some people are confused about whether they should choose a keyboard with a numeric pad or not. So I want to tell you that in MBA there will be no requirement for heavy number typing. So you can choose a keyboard without a numeric pad. And nowadays there is a trend of small-size laptop which does not have a numeric pad.
  6. Windows should be 7, 8, 10, and 11. Windows 10 or 11 can be a good option. I am using windows 10 and I am totally satisfied with it, my all work is being done smoothly. 
  7. The cost of the laptop with the minimum requirement that I have mentioned above, is starting from 24000 Rs. The more you invest, the more high features you will get. If you are just looking for a laptop with basic requirements so you don’t need to invest more than 35000 Rs. There are some models available in the market with the above features. If you are having a budget issue so you can purchase a second-hand laptop also. But I advise you that if you buy a second-hand laptop so you have to buy a laptop that is costly first hand. Also, you should not buy a second-hand laptop that is lying between the range of 20000- 30000 Rs because these laptops become slow after 2 years.

So these are some must-know things before buying a laptop. I hope that will show you a clear way.

By Mohit Vijay

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