Live in the moment, life is all about moments.

Sometimes I wonder why am I here.
What is the purpose of life? Life is a period between life and death.
In our life, we go through a lot of ups and down which is a necessary part of our life to create some meaning and feeling to what we do most of us just thinks “let the movement pass” but are we here for just passing the movement? If that so then why be here? Why do we go to work? Why do we run for the money? Why is the world so materialistic? These questions many a time come to our mind, but that’s what life is all about.
In our life, we have years and years to live why pass on without creating meaning in life? So, we should be happy in all the movements?
No, but we must add value to the events going on in our life by giving meaning to them. We do not know how many years we have or the people surrounding u have we need to be polite and forgiving in this world where it takes time to be good friends but only a small communication gap to be the enemy.
Life is about positivity and we need to find and appreciate the small movements of happiness we need to share it with others too. Not everybody lives life blissfully. They may live life moment by moment, but they fill each moment with regret and misery. They may fill their moment with fear, worry, anger, and revenge. To truly live life in the present, we must develop the art of being happy now. Everybody wants to be happy, but not everybody knows how to be happy. It is only possible by living in the movement and forgiving the moments that are stopping you to live the moments. In today’s world, we should learn to live the movement fullest as we are never satisfied, no matter where we stand there is always a bigger fish in the market. So, it’s a must that we should be thankful for the opportunities we have.
Every movement has a specific purpose. Let us live fully in that moment. Let us give our moment, all our life without diluting it. Let us enjoy each moment fully, extracting the most from every moment of life. Let’s take my example, previous joining Jaipur institute of management I always think about my future but after joining the institute and interacting with the other people it becomes clear to me that I should not worry about the future instead of it I should focus on the current learning and enjoy the environment. This helped me a lot and improving my current position and increasing the opportunities to left the moment and increasing my learning abilities along with the moments.
So in the end I would like to conclude that there is always scope for improvement in your life which can only be possible when you live in the moment by using out-of-the-box thinking and focusing on what you have not what you don’t.

By Raj Sharma

One thought on “Live in the moment, life is all about moments.

  1. I appreciate the writer for their positive approach that remains throughout the blog. The most attractive line that touched me is ” forgive the moments that are stopping you to live the moment”. I totally agree with this, why we give so much importance to bad experiences. we just have to learn from these experiences and move on. And the example that is used is also very good, it shows mental state of every student before stepping into a new phase of life and how they change their perspective from negative to positive.


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