Living With Roommate 

A thing most common these days, most of people have experienced living with roommate either during their time of studies or their jobs.

Like you move to a new city for your studies and you have no idea who’s going to be your roommate in Hostel or PG. 

It’s a challenging situation, to be sure, to meet someone for the first time and then live in close quarters with that person for a whole college year.

A month ago, I joined college for my post-graduation and finalized the PG near my college. I was having no idea who will be my roommate how she’ll be?

And to be honest I am very bad at adjusting especially when it comes to adjust with people. I have never experienced it before as I am an introvert person and I usually don’t get involve with others so easily.

The day before coming to PG I was not able to sleep at night thinking about who will be my roommate will I be able to adjust with her or not because I easily get into fights with girls. what if my roommate and I don’t get along?

So, finally the day came I went to my PG warden showed me my room and at that time my roommate was not in the room. And after some time, she knocked the door and she was finally in front of me. A cute girl of small height named Kajal Malakar from Indore.

And, good thing came to be out that we took admission to the same college.

We got settled introduced each other, I was bit nervous as I told I am introvert and don’t get involve easily. After 2-3 hours we were like Ki vo chup ho to me bolu me chup how to vo bole, and to be honest I have never talked to any girl straight for 2-3 hours. I can talk to boys for hours but not with girls.

It was not easy for me to shift my life from big house to just one single room (with twin sharing)

It took me 7-8 days to get settled in that single room but just because of Kajal it was a bit easier as she would help me in doing my stuff.

 One evening when I went to wash my clothes, I realised that I don’t know how to use the washing machine because I have never used it in my life at home. So, I came back in my room and sat quietly with a crying face Kajal came and asked what happened I said I miss my home she said Hua Kya? I said yaar mujhe washing machine use karne nahi aati and she couldn’t stop herself from laughing and said tu is wajah se ro rahi h and I was like yes she took me with her and told me to step by steps like an elder sister or your mother teaches you how to do something.

And, now its like we used to share everything at the end of the day from how it started and how it ended

She literally cares for me like an elder sister ki tune khana kyun nh khaya? tu pareshan kyun h? just by reading my face she gets to know whether I am happy or sad.

Two days back I went home I told my mom that food is not good of PG, room is also small and other issues. She asked me to look for another PG, I said Maa meri roommate Kajal Bhut Achi h she’s just like charge (my younger sister). So, she said Anjali khana or comfort to easily mil jaega but Ek Tachi roommate easily NH milegi and I felt that.

I realized it’s not too hard to adjust to people and get to know each other.

And I want to thank Kajal my roommate for being there and adjusting with an idiot girl like me.

Anjali Gulwani

5 thoughts on “Living With Roommate 

  1. Reading through this blog’s posts was a very enjoyable experience overall. For me, the part of this blog that makes it the most pleasant is the way that it is consistently approachable and true to life. Everyone who has ever lived in a dorm or PG will be able to relate their experience to this blog because the memories we make there are irreplaceable, and the people we come to know there become like members of our own family because we eat together, stay together, and live together. Those who have never lived in a dorm or PG will still be able to relate to this blog, however, because the memories we make there are irreplaceable.


  2. It’s all a part of growing up, we all see. Moving out of the circle or for that matter our home is pinching from all spheres. It feels like someone just pushing us straight out of our comfort zone, but what if we find a home away from home? Even if that isn’t the case, then we atleast get the taste of variety of people living in this world. I have been in a pg too, and trust me it’s happening, the people you share your room with, turn to be just like your siblings soon. It was the most happening and lovely phase of my life. ❤️


  3. Living in a hostel or a pg, trust me there can’t be anything more happening than this. It’s like you meet someone for the first time and she starts living in your room? Sounds scary at first, but nothing can’t be more lovely than living that life. I have been in a pg for last 3 years during my graduation, and I have met the best people of my life here. For me they turned out not just to be friends but my family. We have shared tears, happy and sad both. We have been in each other’s success and failure stories. Adjusting is sometimes frustrating, but it’s wonderful most of the time. We learn life in staying in pg and hostels.
    Yes, for many people it’s the other way round, but anyway we learn from those experiences.
    Moving in with nervousness and moving out of it in tears, I have experienced both.


  4. Hey Anjali!
    Thankyou so much for your precious words. I am happy too with my roommate and that’s you!
    While I was reading this blog, at each and every single word I could feel the happenings. The way we meet, going college together, many strange things, that washing machine day, etc. Life is bit hectic but the moment I enter our room tired, exhausted, it feels like a home. Sitting with you on terrace at the end of the day and sharing each and every single feeling gives immense pleasure and relaxes my mind.


  5. Hey Anjali!
    Thanks a bunch for your precious words. I am happy too with my always on diet roommate and that’s you.
    While I was reading this blog at each and every single word I could feel those strange but wonderful and memorable things. It was like a flashback, entering our room for the very first time, waching machine day, Zomato orders, your birthday, u-turn day, etc.
    I am so blessed to be with you. Thanks for all your kindness.
    Life is bit hectic but when I enter the room tired, exhausted, it feels like a home.
    Spending time together on terrace at the end of the day, sharing each and every single bit relaxes my mind and soul.


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