My experience of visiting a govt. hospital

My name is Mohit Vijay. I have been living in Jaipur for 18 years. There is some govt. hospitals in Jaipur like SMS hospital, Jaipuria hospital, CHC, and others. in April 2022, I want to see a doctor because I was feeling pain in my back. I already visited some clinics but it was not helpful. One of my relatives advised me to visit SMS hospital once because there are the best, most famous, and most experienced doctors. It was established in 1934. Its full name is Sawai Man Singh hospital also this name was taken from the name of the king of Jaipur Maharaja Sawai Man Singh. Generally, people don’t want to go into govt. hospital and till I was not one of them. 

So, in March 2022, I made up my mind to go there. There is a total of 6 gates and every gate belongs to a different building. If you want to enter a particular building then you have to enter via the correct gate number Otherwise you will be wandering in the building here and there. I also did this mistake. I wanted to meet that doctor who was in the building by gate no 5 but I, unfortunately, entered gate no 2 and firstly I was in a long queue at the cash counter, after half an hour my turn had come and I got the receipt. When I was searching for that doctor in the building, I came to know that he sits in a different building by gate no 5. Then I again picked up my bike and I was asking people on the road where is gate no 5. By hook or crook, I entered gate no 5. Again. I had to stand in the long queue to get my receipt because in every building we have to get different receipts to meet the doctor. After one hour, I got my receipt. Then I was again standing in a long queue outside the doctor’s room.

 After half an hour, I met with a doctor and he inspected my problem and wrote 4 lab tests on the slip. Now I want to tell you one thing the lab test is closed after 1 PM and the doctor’s meeting timing is 8 AM to 2 PM. I reached the hospital at 8 AM. It’s already 11:50 PM on the clock because of their slow processes. Now I was hungry also but I could not go for eating otherwise labs would be closed. So again for the lab test, we have to get a receipt from another counter and as expected there was also a long queue. After one hour, I got my receipt and when I went to the lab room, I came to know that only three tests were available at that time and one was not available because the machine was out of work. That was a crying moment for me. I gave my sample for three tests and I was told to come after 2 days for that test. After giving the sample, it was 1 PM on the clock. Also, the doctor mentioned some medicines in my slip. So I again was in a long line at the medicine counter and after 1 hour I got a few medicines and some were not available, again a crying moment. After all this, I decided to eat something. So there are some juice shops and samosa-kachori shops. I went for juice and samosa, which was horrible; even animals can not eat this. After having a bad day, I came from there at 3.30 PM.  Some things you must get to know before going to SMS hospital is that there must be at least one employee known of yours and you must have some eating items with you otherwise you will strive there. I will never forget this day in my whole life.

By Mohit Vijay

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