My First day at Job

The Royal Bank of Scotland's office building in Cybercity in Gurgaon,  suburbs of New Delhi, India. Photograph: Sanjit Das/Panos | Editorial  picture agency Felix Features

How many of us prepare for the first day at the job? Most of us I guess and yes that is the same case for me as well. I was as delighted and enthusiastic as most of us would be to join the bank that has a history of making customer life as easy as possible and committed to putting the interest of customers first and serving communities the name of the bank was Royal Bank of Scotland. My first day at the job that was, 28th January 2019, was completely different from what would a day at this bank look like. I would like to start with my experience of getting into the wrong building. Even though I was on time and I entered the beautiful 7B building of RBS I was asked to wait for the person to whom I was asked to report. I immediately called the person and he informed me that I was at the wrong building the interesting thing was not only me but my colleagues that were supposed to join that were also present at that building.

I felt very guilty about being present at the wrong building, however, luckily that building was just 10 minutes walking distance from there. As soon as I reached the building there, the person, Amit, was smiling at all of us. We were quite nervous after this incident but our reporting manager was pretty okay with that as he informed us that most of the new joiners make this mistake. After that, our manager introduced himself to all of us and informed us that today we will be informed about how this organization works and what are our key roles and responsibilities.

After that incident, we (all the new joiners) were sent for our documentation. The documentation just includes our passport-size photographs and government ids. It took around forty minutes for everybody to complete the documentation at the registration desk. Once the documentation was completed we were invited to meet the Unit head of the organization, Mr. Akshay Vats. He was a soft-spoken person and explained to us about his experience in the organization and how he was able to enjoy his journey of six years with the organization. After providing us with his experience in the organization he explained to us about the other managers who were there along with him and explained what we were supposed to learn and focus upon so that we could have a great learning experience with the organization. He explained how we will be provided with the training to fulfill the job role which consisted of 15-day classroom training and posts that one month of the job training(OJT). Once the introduction with the unit head was completed we were provided with the lunch Break and the lunch was arranged by our organization. Post lunch break, we were asked to report to the start of our classroom training. I was excited as this was the real start of how would my job look like. This organization had a policy that there were no special employees for training but one of the existing employees was provided with the task to train the new employees. My trainer seems quite confident and taught us the software that we were supposed to use. After the training session, there was a fun activity that was organized for us which included games like dumsharas and musical chairs so that we could break the ice and feel comfortable with our newly joined colleagues. Summing up, it was a wonderful day at an organization that I will cherish throughout my career.

By Hardik Bhatia

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