So let’s talk about tattoos, some people like tattoos, some people like tattoos but are afraid of the needle and some people’s parents don’t allow them. So here is my experience of my first tattoo which is very special and close to my heart.
I have always wanted a matching tattoo with my sister and was waiting for the right time because like some of your parents my parents were also not allowing us to get a tattoo. So after a lot of persuasion one night my mother finally said yes to my sister and me for the tattoo. So we thought that it is now or never. It was like that if we wait for another day what if our parents change their minds?
We decided on the design at that time only and went to the tattoo artist. The design was two sisters sitting on a swing and the numbers on the tattoo signify our birth years.
I was the first one to get the tattoo as my sister is afraid of needles and I am not. So I became the volunteer and let her see the process. Also one piece of advice to everyone please get your tattoo done from a recognized shop and check the needles they use. A new needle should be used for every tattoo.
The artist turned on the machine and there is an irritating buzzing sound that comes from it. I think that is the main source from which people get afraid. I would define the pricking of the needle as continuous injection pricking. It is not more than that but also that changes from area to area of our body. I got it on my wrist and I did not feel any pain but only the pricking of the needle. Again with tattoos that require filling, some might feel pain.
After me, my sister sat for the tattoo and she felt a slight amount of pain as she was always afraid of needles. But she completed the tattoo without any breaks and that’s how we finally got our matching tattoos.
Also, I want to share the healing process of the tattoo which is very important. After the tattoo is made we should keep it away from dust and water for at least 10 days and should apply the cream given by the tattoo artist. The care for the tattoo is important otherwise the tattoo will get ruined.
The tattoo is special to me and my sister because we have been there for each other every time. She has been my pillar of support throughout my life and I am her secret keeper for life.
I strongly think that getting a tattoo is a commitment for life and one should think it through that are they ready for this commitment. If yes, then go for it.
So advice for the day, if your parents say yes to your tattoo one day, don’t wait for any other day and get the tattoo that day itself. Tried and tested by me.

By Nishita Chadha


  1. Tattoos have always been a fascinating thing for me, but I didn’t know the technicalities of it. An interesting topic to read. I loved the flow of your blog. Though I don’t own a tattoo, I still felt the connection that engaged me with your blog


  2. A universal relationship between two sister is what this blog represents. The way in which you taught us about how tattoo is not just a mark or art, it’s a commitment. Also, I got to know about the various side effects one should take after the process, which I didn’t know earlier. Actually, in our country tattoo making is considered a taboo. I really felt connected, as I also want to make a shiva tattoo in future.


  3. I have a dream to get a tattoo but I when ever I decide to get one I always end up by deciding that perfect partner that I want to get inked and after thing a lot about that I always end up think that one day I will end up loosing my interest over that pattern that I will get tattooed so it is always different for me to decide if I should get a tattoo or not may be you can help me though this as you have a really cute tattoo and a very lovely story behind that🥰


  4. Well I like tattoos but I’m afraid of needles but from your beautiful experience and how you related the love between you and your sister through the tattoos inspired me a lot to have one tattoo in spite of being afraid. In fact, me and my friends have already decided on the design of the tattoo, it’s just the scariness of the needle which is stopping us. I like the way how you connected the points and made the readers aware of the things we should remember during and after the process of the tattoo. I hope I have a tattoo soon and will share a wonderful experience of mine also.


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