My Journey to become a social media influencer

In today’s time, very few people do not like clicking pictures and making videos. Most people, first of all, put stories and post whatever they are eating, wherever they are traveling but what do they get in return? How good would it be that they get or earn more money only by spending it? 

So, that’s how my journey started to become a social media influencer.

At an early age, I wanted to be financially free. When I came to Jaipur after my 12th, I started to save some of the money I used to get from my parents. Because like everyone else, I am very fond of traveling, buying new clothes, and having different types of food. An incident occurred to me at my home during my college days, and after that, I had to do something to become financially stable along with that I wanted to do something different. Then I started my youtube channel and created motivational videos but that was not my niche that’s why I stopped creating videos. During 3 years of college days, I enjoyed myself a lot and spent money on food, shopping, and all but until then I didn’t know about vlogging. One day my friend told me about vlogging then I started to watch vlogs on youtube. Then the idea came into my mind I would also be vlogging along with I would make short videos for my Instagram. From here I got to know about what is my niche.

I visited a lot of places in Jaipur and enjoyed eating all the famous food of Jaipur on my weekends this is where I came to know about my niche I was enjoying that moment and everything I started to upload on youtube and Instagram

Everything was good going but one problem I faced was that I was not regularly uploading content. So you can say it as a strategy, uploading on social media on regular bases is a plus point to gaining followers or subscribers. I did hard work to create my content even though I used to go in the noon to create content. After all, my first achievement was when I got my first collaboration from Instagram and you know it is a different feeling to get a free product PR package and shoot their videos and photos. After putting in my hard work 1000 subscribers were completed on my youtube channel it looks easy but literally, it was very tough. So I started getting emails from both Instagram and youtube asking for collaboration.

I want to tell you one more thing because of my vlog channel on youtube, I have got a good opportunity in my college Jaipuria Institute of Management as a student coordinator of the Media Relations Committee.

Nowadays it is becoming trending to collaborate with the right influencers for businesses and start-ups. Because people are being influenced by social media influencers.

That’s how my journey started to become a social medial influencer.

You can visit my youtube channel:

By Harshita Nagpal

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