Stage fear and public speaking are very common problems among all. Everybody faces it at some point in time, but now I faced it and what are the outcomes I will share with my personal experience. When I was in 11th standard teacher gave us the task of presenting a topic from the book in front of the whole class. This will be my first time giving a presentation in front of the class, my friends planned to get absent on that day but I want to present it. But all the groups made it and the only option left for me is to give a presentation individually in front of the class. 

I was disturbed by this, so I discussed this problem with my parents because they know me very well. Then my mother motivates me to give a presentation individually and gave the idea that if I feel nervous in presenting then I can practice it in front of my family, so that I may realize my mistakes, and where I am lacking and it will boost my confidence also.

So as a highly obedient child, I obey my mother and practiced it many times, I was laughing so nervously, and I feel very nervous that I am not able to speak not even a sentence properly. But gradually with every attempt, I improved I was feeling confident and at the end of the practice session, I am doing it not so well but, “bejaatti NHI hogi” types. 

Now presentation day has come, and surprisingly I got many offers from my classmates to join their presentation when they know I am going to present individually, but I rejected them all. Presentations started, one by one everybody came and start presenting, all are nervous and hesitated. Now it’s my turn, I went to the stage and start presenting my topic. But while presenting this time I was confident doing this, I forget that anybody is here I just focused on my topic. and after completion, I heard a huge clap for me everybody is clapping, praising at that time.

 So this was my experience, stage fear is very hard to overcome but we can do it, some tips from my side: –

  • Take proper knowledge of your topic so that you make your audience understand.
  • Practice is before presenting 
  • Analyze your performance after every practice
  • If you are stuck at some point, try to remember it don’t give up too soon.

By Diksha jain.

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