“Failure is an option. Its what you do with the failure makes you who you are” by David Goggin’s. Basically, failure is the inability to achieve something or not being successful. We think of failure as a negative factor. Here I am going to share my experience that how I failed several times in my life and what I did to overcome with it, possibly that may change your opinion regarding failure.

From childhood, I was a very skinny kid as you can see it on the left side of the photo. My school batchmates and even my relatives used to tease me. So, I decided to join the gym during my first year of under graduation. In the initial days, I felt immense pain in my body and my parents used to scold me, so I left the gym. Later on, I realized that fitness is not about lifting weights, it was much more than that. One must have to learn and study it like in any other field. After this, I studies about bodybuilding and fitness through the internet, articles, and social media. In 2019, I joined the gym again and this time I can pursue it for a long tenure because I have applied the knowledge which I had learned. During the period, I can gain 20 lbs. of weight (119lbs-139lbs). But in the month of February, I have attended my cousin’s wedding and post-function I am infected with a viral infection. After recovery, I had my annual exams of second year. So, I had left gym for almost 2 months (February-march 2020). After that we all know what happened, the pandemic arrived and we got stuck in the lockdown.

As a result of it, I was not able to continue my passion for almost six months and my hard work and gains were all lost in vain. But I never gave up and did home workouts. In august, I was
able to find an underground gym and continued my fitness regime. Later on, lockdown also opened and we all were got back to our old life and routine and I continued it for nine months. Everybody’s life is full of obstacles so as mine, a pause comes to my passion with lockdown 2.0 in the month of May 2021. Gyms were closed and I pushed myself to go early in the morning to the same underground gym. You can think of yourself in my place that how I managed every hurdle coming in my way, later in October the biggest challenge for me is fight with appendix and dengue which occurred simultaneously. I was admitted to the hospital and all my gains along with my immune system goes down which made me mentally and physically weak.

To cope up with this anxiety I restarted my gym journey as a beginner again after I was fully recovered and I also after some time I hired a personal gym trainer to get me back in the game. Slowly the new version of me came out and I was better than before. Gradually everything is falling in place as I started powerlifting. Before appendix I had a back strain which I ignored and later on in the month of July I visited to a doctor and he said I had an issue of decompression in l5, doctor suggested I to take proper rest for forty days, as a result, I had to take a break from the gym. During this break I joined Jaipuria institute of management for pursuing PGDM, I started going gym with doing exercises with fewer boundaries along managing my studies.

Passion is something that keeps you alive and gives you hope of light in your bad phases. For me, my urge toward my passion is the biggest motivation to me. By sharing my passion journey I want to portray that failures are scary but without facing failures you can’t take a step towards success and by crossing your failures you will become a better person. If you have failures in your life that means you are on right track.

 “The biggest risk is not taking any risk”

                                                            -MARK ZUCKERBERG

By Kushagra Gupta


  1. Hey Kushagra
    Your journey is very inspiring and motivating. I realted to the fact that how you expressed that failure is not a negative term and we should learn from it and overcome it. Even after injuries and lockdown you continued to work on your passion. it was very enticing to read your blog and I wish you all the success in your journey towards fitness and health


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