The inertia of Words!

Keeping everything constant, I will forever believe in the power of words.
Words are magic, your selection of words defines who a person you are, what you have been, and what you aspire to become in the future.
The Transformation of a girl from being an introvert to an ambivert was just the realization of the importance of the right words and courage to speak up.
Courage tends to come from learning, once you give your best to learn from conventional routes to updated ones your upbringing happens in the right way to become a confident person.
Therein I realized, Words are not the destination but the way you can travel to your destination.
It was about my school days when one of my teachers asked all the students to participate in a poem-writing competition and as far as I can memorize we had our first round in which we need to complete the poem half-written, in the next round we were provided the topics for which we had to write a poem. Though I would not have won that day, the realization about the power of words was always there.
It was on this day I realized the importance of utilizing the power of words effectively from then I started observing things out, figuring out what would be right or wrong in this process I bought 37 Novels and read around 50 novels. It was a different experience though, which I would suggest one should have.
Well, I consider myself fortunate to be a part of Grapevine, I worked part-time as an intern over there in 2017-18. I got to know more about my inclination toward reading and writing skills and explored as much as I got the opportunity to do so.
Because of the power of words, I could clear various interviews and experiences which I would like to highlight.
It was a bright sunny December morning in 2019 when we were asked to appear for the campus interview of Genpact and which was a dream company for every BBA Graduate, for the initial round we were asked to appear for extempore and the topic was demonetization, I realized that everyone was speaking in context to general public and politicians and then I thought to speak up from the point of view of RBI Governor and Banking sector. It was the thing that let me score brownie points and this was how I got the Offer letter from Genpact while studying in the final year of BBA.
Another challenging situation that I explored was being a Marketing intern at PUNO, Jaipur I was asked to write the content to maximize the outreach and multiply the sales in volumes. Increasing the sales from 22% to 48% on average, burn a lot of sweat- trust me if I would not understand the essence of the power of words I would not have been in Puno.
It is said that a pen is mightier than a sword, but again for that words need to be powerful enough to reflect it.

By Roopanshi Kalra

2 thoughts on “The inertia of Words!

  1. Truly, the power of words have an exceptional impact on one’s personality in many different ways as shared by you be it presenting oneself with a different perspective in a group discussion to increasing sales through content writing. The way you articulated it in a blog is amazing to read. I personally believe that words play a very vital role in presenting oneself to the world because with proper words anything can be made possible. Many a times we have seen that nice quotes are written on the wall but if a person speaks about them in his/her words we actually connect like the way I connected with your blog.


  2. Inertia of words – The blog has been written very well, I believe in the power if words because whatever I am today, it’s because of the use of correct words at right time and the author has very well understand that and I was keen a reading the blog I felt connected when the author said that how it has changed her life, last line said by her that pen is mightier than sword but words should be rightly penned down, yes we get grades, we crack interview through use of words, we keep the conversation going by having the power of right words, so far it’s the promising blog that I came across.


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