There are no accidents; everything is written.

In this world, there are no accidents. From the beginning to the end, everything is written somewhere. Everyone has their own destiny. How an individual lives his or her life is predetermined and the target they achieve in life is predestined. If one understands his purpose in life early and take the right decisions at right time, then he will smoothly reach his destination. But if he fails to do so, nevertheless, he will reach the end of the line, but the road through which he will travel might be very rough and rocky.
This thought is not confined to the end goal or purpose of life, but it is experienced at different moments of life. When one encounters circumstances that are beyond his control and things do not go as per his will, then he gets more inclined towards pessimism and thinks, “Why did all this happen with me only?” But once the positive result comes out, he figures it out and comes to know that there are no accidents; everything is written. Then he might look back and notice how naturally his life glided from one milestone to another, from one set of circumstances to an entirely different set.
This reminds me of an incident in which I was accidentally saved by my fate in the year 2013. It was sometime around mid-June when the Kedarnath tragedy happened. I planned the trip to visit the Kedarnath temple on June 16. But our relative’s house inauguration function came on the same day. So we scheduled our journey to start after attending the function. As June is a scorching and burning month, the night we attended the function was very cold. No one could figure out what was happening. The next day, when we were ready for departure to Kedarnath temple, some news came that there was a heavy flood in Kedarnath and everything was getting ruined. Nobody was able to decipher how all this happened. No one was alive. Everything, including buildings, houses, and people, was wrecked. This created goosebumps for all of us. I thought if there wasn’t any function, then we would have reached Kedarnath and become part of the ruins. That time, I realized there are no accidents; everything is written. Through this incident, I can conclude that when you begin seeing accidents as opportunities, every accident becomes meaningful.
Let me share one more experience of mine about how I came to Jaipuria Institute of Management for PGDM. I was confused about which stream I should opt for after getting a 9 CGPA in 10th grade. So I decided to major in Commerce. And I scored around 90% in 12th grade also. I decided to pursue a Chartered Accountancy course after receiving a good grade in 12th because I was interested in accounting. So, after entering into the course, I thought I should pursue a Bachelor of Commerce side by side for backup. After clearing the entrance exam, I was sure enough that I would clear the intermediate level as well. Every time I prepared well for the exam but couldn’t pass it. I gave three attempts at inter-level exams but was always left behind because of a few marks. So, after graduation, I shifted my career option and took admitted to PGDM at Jaipuria Institute of Management. Now I am exploring my inner talents and writing this blog in front of you. So if I hadn’t opted for BCOM as my backup, then I couldn’t have made it to Jaipuria and couldn’t share my life experiences with you.
So there are no accidents; everything is written. This thought doesn’t mean that one should just sit and wait for the miracle to happen. He should put all his efforts with full dedication into the work. If we were not doing anything, if we were dying to wait for our destiny only to fulfill our dreams and goals, that wouldn’t happen. Everything is written means that whatever we are doing, its ultimate decision is not in our hands, but giving our best shot is in our hands. And giving maximum effort will lead to positive results automatically.

By Mayand Goyal

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