Trust Issues

Trust issues are generally described as the fear of betrayal, and manipulation & mostly come from past life experiences. These experiences often took place in childhood which leaves their imprints for the entire life. But how will one be able to live their life without having trust in someone? Nowadays people are so fake that one can’t rely on them. People with trust issues do their best to avoid getting hurt. They use it to their advantage to never experience the negative part but this strategy even worsens the situation because it prevents them from connecting & involvement with the outer world, thus leading to avoiding commitment. How many people can survive in the long run? How will they be able to connect in businesses? A good businessman is trustworthy first to make his colleagues and team have faith in him which would help to maintain a peaceful & efficient environment. A team performs best when the leader knows how to build trust in his teammates to make their deals proficient. Everyone should have at least a trustworthy person in their life, the benefits that one could achieve include: one feels safe & secure, optimistic, minimize conflict & the most important you be yourself!!   

What causes trust issues? The answer to this is betrayal in any past relationships, negative life experiences, social rejection, parental disputes, and attachment styles. If you feel secure then you are most likely to trust and forgive mistakes but if you are insecure you struggle with trusting people and experience jealousy and other negative impacts.

A person with trust issues faces numerous problems in their life, like lack of forgiveness, focusing only on negative aspects of life, leaving feeling isolated, lonely & misunderstood, and always assuming the worst. 

So in my opinion to overcome trust issues one has to come out of the zone of confinement and try to involve with the person to make connections which play an important aspect in today’s world. What one can do is build trust slowly, and have an idea between trust & control i.e. you must need to learn how much control you have to take over a particular situation as you will the other would take advantage if you wouldn’t take the initiative but this aspect ruins your connection in the long run. Make trust your priority even if it is challenging for you, and be trustworthy to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. Learn to trust yourself; this would account for one of the best solutions to this problem. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to question yourself but it simply means that it would help you to have a sense of self-awareness that can guide you at every step. Practice mindfulness, this would help you know how you are feeling in a particular moment without giving a thought to your past negative experiences and future. 

In the end, I would conclude: “TRUST ACTIONS, NOT WORDS”!!

By – Iena Sharma

Hidden benefits of failure

“Failure is the only opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely” – Henry Ford

Success never comes without failure. True success comes from perseverance, embracing your failures, and taking positive insights from your failures. Success without failure is just luck. There is only a single thing that makes our dream far beyond our reach “the fear of failure”. It is the courage that counts continuously, through this, one would be able to come out of their comfort zones and stand out as an individual. 

Failure is an opportunity to learn. When you fail at something you are left with two choices: one is to remain stuck with your doubts and fears, secondly the effective way is to learn from the outcome of your failure. By choosing a second choice, one can transform its failure into an opportunity to grow. One must always look for the positive in every negative situation. It enables us to nurture up as wiser and more adept for further future challenges. Every personal growth takes place when they come out of their comfort zone. Failure is like a map that guides you to evolve and move in the correct direction. Take an example of a business giant we had-Steve Jobs, fired from Apple the company he builds with his own hands. Albert Einstein flashed out of high school. It is the way of firing your soul that would otherwise never happen. So be grateful for every single stage of life, especially the ones that break you open.

There is no success without failure. We usually miss this step during our path towards success and hence start taking it in a negative aspect. The power of failures becomes distinct when we take them as our opportunities rather than as a hitch. Failures could be as small as being unable to reach your college on time to big enough that could shake you up. But each failure can be dealt with with an attitude of acceptance and grace. It gives you a chance to reapproach your goals and control your pessimistic reactions toward failure. Just approach with this attitude that yes this is my issue, my drawbacks, and the fastest way to get on track again is always to learn or experience from your failure, and always take a step forward. It is a chance to learn. This is the essence of failure “trial and error”. Without mistakes and failures, we would not be able to know what doesn’t work, what step is skipped towards the journey of success, and analyze the facts. 

 The outcome of the failure is to accept it as a part of our journey; secondly, correcting them, and analyzing them, would help in gaining expertise in the specific domain. Therein lies the unknown beauty of failure.

So, be grateful for every failure that one faces in their life, and have your command towards your journey. Just do whatever you want to do 

by being on the correct path, loving yourself, upgrading yourself, embracing your failure, and always remembering only you can do it in the best version of your own.

By- Iena Sharma

One thought on “Trust Issues

  1. Trust issues are indeed a very significant issue for the girls but from my point of view, instead of seeing everyone with suspicion, girls or even boys should trust others and if they face problems because of this, it will give you the true nature of that person which you will never got to know if you don’t trust and also add the experience of life which is important for a living being!!


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