Unheard story: Angry ARMY man to a Calm MBA student 

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Part 1

Grown up in a family of serving Indian Army Soldiers.

Always had a dream to become a Soldier and To die the death of a Noteworthy Soldier…

Changed my school to get a good education and it turned my Destiny into an EXTRAORDINARY Basketball Player. Started playing under seniors and got a chance to play with them on the school team. Never knew that it is going to change every phase of my life.

On 2009 Jan 19, got to play 1st district tournament where I was stated as a “Water Boy” and the same went in consecutive 5 matches so that was the moment that hit me as a player and made me a BUSTLING man.

In the same year in Dec got a replacement of the best player and got a chance in the team to play. The results were bad, lost the 3 matches because of my fewer efforts which lead to my replacement. Didn’t Know the importance of keeping myself on the team. 

Joined SMS STADIUM to practice again a challenge, got to go a distance of 28km every day. Hectic practice sessions at school and coming back to home at 2 pm and leaving for SMS stadium at 3.30 pm to reach at 4.30 and coming back at 7 pm to home, not an easy task to do every day but no chance to stop”.

  A year passed and didn’t play even a single tournament, willingly wanting myself to be a permanent player of the team and after a deep hardcore practice of a year came back to the team with a BANG. Got the award of the highest scorer in STEDMUND’ S CUP in 2011. 

 The tag of “WATER BOY” changed to the tag of “3rd POINT SHOOTER”. It gave me a kick of giving myself more and more hardcore sweat sessions. Played 28 consecutive tournaments but the results were different this time ‘4 NATIONALS’, ‘14 STATES” and ’14 DISTRICTS’.

Got huge appreciation from senior players and all the coaches.


Years passed and played 19 nationals, 29 State, and 46 district tournaments, then the big year came, On Dec 2013 I represented my own country “INDIA” and secured 4th position at DELHI, and brought the best of me in it.

Jan 2014 Got a chance to EFFECTUATE my dream to become a soldier in INDIAN ARMY. VACANCIES of sports QUOTA in Indian army came and gave trials in army base Vaishali Nagar Jaipur and qualified the 1st round and went to Hyderabad Artillery Centre for 2nd round guess what I qualified that round too. Finally cleared the medical and Merit list of 300 people out of which 89 were selected and I was one of them. My joining date was “18th MARCH 2014” and a proud feeling to be the person I thought to be. 

“Keep your dreams out of your imagination it will be easy to fulfill them”

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Started with 6 months of training as a soldier loaded with guns, weight, and people. Being in Mud for hours and staying without food for days and whatnot. Went to audit in Chhattisgarh (NAKSALWADI AREA) For a month and faced many things.

Served for four Years with 2 promotions and played several Unit Matches. Won many medals as a team member and got to wear that uniform that I dreamed of. 


Everything was going smoothly and suddenly after the half break some of my teammates were being teased by the opposite team and in that moment of heat all the players started fighting INCLUDING ME and it turned out to be a big fight, some of my and other teammates were badly injured. Strict actions were taken the very next day and we were proposed to either take MID-RETIREMENT or TERMINATION with COURT-MARTIAL. No option was left for us and took mid-retirement.

LAST WORKING DAY-18th August 2018

Faced a tough time but the only people who were with me at that time were my mom, dad & my brother no one else was there to support me but they always stood with me.


Being in a government job at the age of just 14 and getting terminated from the same job at the age of 18 everything seemed to be getting the start again. Didn’t have many options as to what to do next & had no idea what to pursue. 

Still had the dream to become an Army Soldier and started searching for more opportunities to reach the same place.

In 2019 March vacancies were out by INDIAN ARMY for GENERAL DUTY SOLDIERS and the Physical date was 14th October so I almost had 6 months to prepare for 1600 meter running in 5 minutes. So I went to Sikar in defense academy and started everything again to reach my dream goal.

Spent almost three years In the defense academy and the same conclusion that came out throughout the three years was a disqualification in medical because of a Keloid Dorsum on the right foot which was untreatable.

Again a break into my life, when adverse things start happening it continues for a long and the same happened with me it continued for consecutive 3 years (2019-2021) but never left that hope behind to get success. No more chances and no more preparation.

What’s next?

One of my cousins was pursuing MBA and at that time did not have many options so I decided to pursue MBA & started searching for courses and colleges. So my cousin was pursuing it at Jaipuria Institute of Management so decided to pursue it at the same college. Attempted MAT exam to clear admission formalities and that is how MBA started and it is going good now.

Those 3 years were the learning years for me and I failed but I got success too, success in controlling anger issues, success in being patient, and success in learning from failures.

By Rohit Yadav

One thought on “Unheard story: Angry ARMY man to a Calm MBA student 

  1. It is well said that to never gave up for your goals. for the success you have to face all the challenges in your life , you will get failure , also will have a fear of giving up your dream, but to remain focused on our path is the key to success in your life.. create a solid plan to reach your goal.


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