Would I allow you to take me for granted?


Are you grateful to have me? Or do you just take me for granted? Do you ever think or appreciate me helping you and the way I do care for you? Or you were too busy showcasing yourself to those who are taking you for granted? You are looking at the person and thinking & such questions came to your mind but never come out. But have you ever wondered whose mistake it is? Have you ever tried to stop them? Take a pause and think….
Yes, it’s your mistake. You need to realize that everyone is playing their role and you have to choose yours. Your requirement and boundaries have been decided by you only. But you depend on others to decide, at that time the journey of being taken for granted starts. The biggest mistake you made is you expect others to treat you the same way you treat them or a little bit. You always do for them even after knowing what gives them the power to play, they do so because they think you will always be there for them. You definitely do not like the behavior but still burden your heart and start getting frustrated and saddened by their behavior and that kills you, and you start losing yourself. You need to learn a thing, the importance of putting your self-respect over people. Stop putting effort into those who don’t care to give your time to them who is actually yours and respect you but because of that one person, you start making distance from your loved ones. One of my knowns showed me a post “In a group of ten, nine do cares for you but go to that one who doesn’t care”, you take those nine for granted. Is it like that? So be happy for them who actually do care for you.
When I was thinking of those nine people my parents came first to my mind. They are the one who always feels good to see me smiling and put me up, they try to do more than they can. Sometimes we take them for granted and they never complain. We should think about what we are doing and when we realize it, are the biggest realization and your state of mind also change. Parents are the only ones who first get about your mental situation because you are part of them. They will never tell you or ask you directly what’s going on, they just start putting effort to bring a smile to your face, you never told them everything about you but they know you. I am sharing my incident, to me, friendship means a lot, I was lying on my bed and thinking and my father was sitting near me and talking to me, diverting my mind, my mother came after her walk and asked him about the food and reply he gave made me cry. He said “how can I have food when I know that my daughter is not fine” that line and time were turning points in my life. Now if I feel anyone trying to take me for granted, I start maintaining a healthy distance from them.
When you start doing for yourself they say you are selfish, self care is not being selfish. Do whatever is good for you and your health. Set your parameters, clear boundaries, learn to say no, stop overdoing, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, don’t give up your power, demand respect, communicate your feelings, don’t lose your personality, stay strong the things start getting normal because you start taking things differently, in the way that gives you positivity and builds confidence. You owe yourself, most importantly love yourself, and never let people take you for granted. Set yourself free to restore your peace and shine on your own. If they came to you and questioned you about your changed behavior just ask “Would I allow you to take me for granted?”

By Anchal Vijay

One thought on “Would I allow you to take me for granted?

  1. A well written Blog by Anchal Vijay “Would I allow you to take me for granted?” Yes, it’s true, and I believe it happens to everyone when we give someone more importance than they merit. We constantly give those who don’t care about us more attention. and as a result, we become upset with ourselves and ruin our mood. But we must keep in mind that a lot of lives rely on our happiness and constantly want to see us happy. In her blog, she uses the example of a group of ten people, nine of whom show concern for us, but we go to the one who doesn’t. But always keep in mind that your happiness is a part of your parents’ happiness. Therefore, don’t be taken for granted by those who don’t care about you and don’t be full or available to them.


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