A War with Covid-19

A few months ago, during the 2nd wave of covid 19, my father had a low fever and cold. We thought that it was due to the weather.

We took him to a small doctor and thought he would recover in a few days, but it is increasing day by day. Now we started to worry about my father. Now we have started visiting some big hospitals there. We do the covid test, and we are waiting for the report. The next day the report came, and it was positive; now we know that my father got infected by the coronavirus. The doctor strictly said that the oxygen level should not go below 90; if it goes, come and admit him immediately. We came back home with some medicines. But that afternoon, when we checked the oxygen level, it was already 88. We contact the doctor to admit my father. But the doctor denied it because the hospital beds were already full, so I admitted my father to a small hospital.

1st day in that hospital is quite good, and we see an improvement in my father’s condition. We relax for some time but not for that much time. His condition now starts falling. The doctor said that his condition was worsening and he needed an ICU bed, but this is a small hospital that doesn’t have ICU beds. Now my father’s condition is very bad, and I need the ICU asap, but it was very hard to get an oxygen bed then. I started finding the hospital where the beds could be available.

I searched for the whole day but could not find at least one bed for my father. At that time, my thought was whether I would be able to save my father or not. That was a critical time for our family. At that time, I received a call from the doctor who told me that one bed was available in the hospital but was a little bit expensive. Still, I decided to admit my father there was no worry if it was expensive, but they told me that they didn’t have an oxygen cylinder. Hence, every patient’s relatives have to carry their oxygen cylinders. Then I went to the oxygen plant to get the Oxygen, but they also had an oxygen shortage because of the pandemic situation of that time. I wait 7-8 hours daily to get one oxygen cylinder. Soon my efforts worked, and my father’s condition got stable.

And after such effects, I was able to bring my father home.

During that pandemic, people were very scared, and also, the hospital beds were full and medicine was not available there. But during this critical situation, some people sold medicine, hospital beds, and even oxygen cylinder in black. Which are not affordable for the low-class family and they lost many of their family members. It is required for everyone to understand the situation and help others in this type of pandemic.

By Rony Biswas

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