An incident that changed my life 

That was a time of the afternoon when I was sleeping at my paternal uncle’s house. Suddenly, I heard someone’s painfully loud voice, and I ran outside the home. There was a person who pulled the girl towards him and was angry. I was shocked to see that scene. But I did not have the courage to raise my voice against him. That girl looked at me with innocence, and she was seeking help.

I went back inside, but something hit me hard in the head. I didn’t sleep well that night. In the morning, I returned to my home, but I was upset. After 2 to 3 days, I heard that that person beat that girl badly. That girl was his stepdaughter. Again, I felt bad, but I didn’t do anything except listen to this news. After 15 days, I heard that that person had sold that girl for money. I was stunned to hear that. “O God, why did I not take the step for her? I should have raised my voice for her. I feel bad for listening to this a lot. After this incident, I thought that I would not stay quiet. I will take a step for everyone as of now. When we keep our mouths shut about the wrong things, then we are equally criminal like the original criminal. So, raise your voice, not only for yourself but for others too. That moment changed my life, and after that incident, I raised my voice for wrong-wrong things. I motivate people to raise their voices against wrong things and do something for the needy. I couldn’t save that girl, but hereafter I will try to save not only the girl but any person, even if it’s an animal or human being. We can help each and everyone who feels pain. After that incident, I tried to save four people who were abused in one way or another and helped them raise their voices against domestic violence. It’s necessary to spread awareness about the crime, whether it’s physical or mental. Sometimes we think if someone is suffering from domestic violence, they must raise their voice against it, but it’s a bad thing. It’s our duty also to take steps against it. We are human beings, and we should help each other. This incident changed my perception and made me see things differently.

By Pooja Gupta

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