Behaviour and Emotion of Grandparents

“ For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice, 

Turning again towards childish treble, pipes

And whistles in his sound. In the last scene all,

That ends this strange eventful history, 

Are second childishness and mere oblivion,

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”

 William Shakespeare

  These are the amazing lines taken from the English literature book in which Shakespeare conveys the life stage in which man becomes old. He looks quite comical in his movements. He wears specs because his eyesight is weak. His shoes become wider for his feet. His voice changes. It becomes a sharp and vibrating whistle However, in the final stage, the man turns into a child once again. He forgets everything slowly having problems with memory shortage. He becomes ‘tooth less’. His eyesight becomes blurry. He is ready to leave this world. Becoming old is another stage of life aging means a change in physical appearance, relationships, social environment, taste, and behavior.              

Similarly, my Grandparents have always played an important role in my family life. It is the grandparent who always helps to build a strong and lasting relationship with grandchildren who is most likely to succeed. My Grandparents make me feel so loved and secure, which is helpful in times of trouble or stress. As elders, grandparents hold the key to the family’s history, the role of grandparents in everyone’s life is something very precious and countless. They always gift me an extra layer of support and lasting positive effects which make me good emotional well-being. I still remember the walks I went on with my grandfather I used to hold his index finger and he always make me walk on the other side of the traffic roads. On weekend mornings we used to play quiz rounds of news from newspapers. I used to teach them how to use mobile phones again and again even if they forget again I enjoy a lot spending time with my grandparents and all the experience they shared with me on which we laughed together. I never realize when the times get flew so quick Its been two years since they passed away but still, I can feel their presence their lessons, advice all the values that they taught me are always in my mind and always will be I wish I could retake all the moments that I spend with my grandparents. I remember how they take care of me and saved me from my parents when they scold me for my mistakes they always pampered me. Grandparents play many roles, from adviser to biographer, supporter companion, and caretaker. They are the best instructors for learning. The emotional attachment between grandparents and grandchildren can save the grandparents from depression and boost brain function and increase life. But we must respect and be well-mannered with our grandparents. Even if they ask the same questions over and over again or struggle to hear what you say show patience, and show your care in how you interact or behave with them. Reply in a calm tone when they ask you questions or need something. If they are talking, listen to them patiently without any interruption. Simply making genuine efforts is enough to make your grandparents happy and give reassurance to your grandparents that you care.

-Khushi Sheikh

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