Finding Home Away from Home

Leaving your hometown can be challenging yet exciting in many ways. The journey for me started when I left my hometown a small town, so small that maybe you can’t even trace it on a map, in 2015 during my senior secondary years, for the JEE Coaching in Kota, more than an exciting journey this proved to be a big failure as I came back before completing the 2- year course, after a year because things couldn’t go as planned and I realized clearing this exam was not my cup of tea. It made me feel bad for so many years, but it’s okay now. Those were my later teenage years and made me realize how out of the home world feels like, how important family is, and what homesickness is. How difficult confronting people from a different culture can be, how doing things on your own is difficult, and most importantly how fun things like making new friends can be difficult.

The world is too different when you change your lens, things that seem to be a cakewalk earlier took considerable effort. The challenges are many but wonderful experiences and a new outlook on life make it all worth it. I came back from Kota without accomplishing the course but learned innumerable life learnings. This time the person who came back was more confident to step out of college than the one who left for coaching. Maybe the earlier experience was small but made me learn so many things. Then came the time after finally clearing my senior secondary exams I joined International College for Girls in Jaipur for my graduation. Excitement for beginning college life was more than fear of leaving home. Things were less difficult this time, the homesickness was lesser and excitement was more. Making new friends and making my way in the new place and college was the only thing I looked forward to. Life feels more meaningful when you start creating something of your own and the independence you feel is ethereal. It has been 6 years since the time I left my home and this is what feels like normal now. After some time we are able to find a home away from home, in people, in places and things start feeling good. No doubt things become very different, you visit your own home like a guest and this is what vacation is like now. Change is the only constant one should abide by, experiencing and exploring must never stop. One should never fear stepping out and restricting themselves because leaving your comfort zone can be challenging but it might give you the most beautiful and amusing experiences.

By Devanshi Jain

2 thoughts on “Finding Home Away from Home

  1. It feels so good to be comfortable with adjustments and become flexible in a new environment, but I understand that it is not easy. You accomplished a new milestone by leaving your home for the first time. I suppose whether or not you finished the course was secondary. I’ve been to a lot of NCC camps, and I used to get homesick in each one after only 10 days. I gradually adapted to it. Change is a necessary part of life; it is not always easy, but it is sometimes the only option. We cannot achieve our goals by remaining in our comfort zones; we must take the courageous step of stepping out of the puffy pillows of our known, as you did in your life. The blog is excellent for anyone who is away from home and requires a positive outlook on life.


  2. I appreciate how this article managed to simultaneously portray the importance of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and the glory of it. For someone like me, who has yet to leave his comfort zone and finds even talking about doing so a source of anxiety, reading this blog has helped me feel more at ease with the idea of doing so. It has also inspired me and given me the courage to try again if things don’t go exactly as planned. Overall, it was a good read which spoke about a wide range of human feelings and experiences.


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