People * After seeing me do literally everything with my left hand*:

“Hey are you Lefty?”

In the era of “right-handed people,” they dominate the world with 80% to 85% of the
population, and it’s been that way since ages.
We lefties cover 10% to 15% of the population. How unique, right?
Sometimes it feels unique to be a lefty because left-handed people pop out in the crowd, but
on the other hand, lefties face a variety of problems; like us our problems are also different,
for instance, being unable to use a fountain pen appropriately, splashing ink on the hand as
we write. My worries are still about the school scissors, and how could I forget the battle
between the elbows of a right-handed and a left-handed person while eating and writing?
There may be two left-handed desks in the entire school, but the majority of desks are for
right-handed students, particularly those funky ones where the desk is connected to the chair.
Not funny. However, in my opinion, being left-handed has benefits that go far beyond those
of being a “righty,” so there aren’t any drawbacks to it.
According to statistics, left-handed people perform better than right-handed people in terms
of innovation, vision, daydreaming, and intuition.
Numerous left-handed people throughout history have made their mark despite being in the
minority. They are Barack Obama, Neil Armstrong, Bill Gates, Narendra Modi, Amitabh

Bachchan, Ratan Tata, Sachin Tendulkar, and this list is endless. This collection of the
numerous and different accomplishments of left-handed people throughout history can serve
as a reminder the next time you feel like making fun of a lefty for doing something
“backward.” Righties, take that.
This reminds me of an incident. When I was a child, my grandmother used to scold me
because I used to eat with my left hand. She says that switch your hand and change your habit
of eating with your left hand, it’s not good. That kind of makes me feel bad. I told her if you
don’t like me eating with my left hand, you feed me. I still remember for years she only fed
me with her hands, and I loved that.
Even I got influenced by right-handed people around me because they used to say, Oh! You
are left-handed in a teasing way to make me embarrassed for the thing for which I’m not at
fault and which is not at all wrong. But eventually it affected me, and I tried to change my
years of habit of being a lefty, I forced myself to become a right-handed person, and it was
too firm for me.
However, I would say that fortunately I failed at becoming a righty, because if I had become
a right-handed person, I would have done something wrong with myself by not accepting the
way I am. And now it doesn’t matter, moreover it feels great to be part of that 10 to 15% of
the population.
People still talk about myths like “don’t give or take money from the left hand, it’s bad”
seriously? I don’t get convinced by that: “For me, Left is Right.”
Let me tell you a fun fact: I was born on International Left Handers Day, which is on August
It is a very nice feeling when I see another left-handed person.

It’s a Left-Handed Thing…You Wouldn’t Understand!!

Gautami Choursiya
PGDM 2022 – 24


  1. According to me your decision of not forcing yourself to become right-handed person was perfect because being a left-handed person would have many problems as you discussed in the blog but it is great at the same time to be a part of 10 to 15 % of population and it is a fact that the left-handed persons outperform the right-handed ones because they use both sides of their brain and are able to process information more easily and react creatively. We should also not believe in the superstitions of people as when you are proud of being a lefty than it doesn’t matter what people thinks.

    At last I must say a wonderful blog on a very unique topic that you relate to yourself and I very nice though that for me LEFT IS RIGHT.


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