Having and Losing A Pet

At least for once in our life, all of us wanted to have a pet. We all have different preferences, mostly a cat or a dog. But my story of having a pet is a bit different, I did not ask or request my parents to have a pet. My father surprised us with two little rabbits during the most difficult phase for all of us, yes you guessed it right- the lockdown. When we were finding it difficult to stay at home all the time. I found my cute companions and I gave them the most common and cheesy names CHINTU and MINTU. All of us were happy to have those babies at our home. I enjoyed that phase of my life which was earlier very difficult. I was so engaged with them that could not realize how the days went. We used to keep them in a small room and that was named their room only. They were just like our family members, we used to play, and I fed them with my hand just like babies. One day I and my father found that their room was a bit warmer than our room as there was no AC in that room. So we decided to keep them with us only, but it was slightly difficult at night. Realizing the problem, my father got a small house for them fully transparent and made up of glass. My mother used to call them her babies only. They were very different from each other, one of them was very active and the other one was quite lazy. We used to feed them together and probably this was the only mistake we did. By doing so we did not realize that one of them is not eating properly. As a few days passed we found that MINTU lost weight, and we took him to a VETERINARIAN we got to know that he had a fibroid and there was a very less chance of his survival. We were shocked and all of us were in grief, we were finding it difficult to figure out how we can save him. Day by day he was getting weaker, medicines were not working and during his last 10 days, he was not even able to eat by himself. He was surviving on fluids that we used to feed him with the help of a dropper. And one day, his heartbeat was very low, he was struggling to breathe and we knew this is the last day we could see him unfortunately we were right, he left us that day. I still miss him but for a few days after his demise, all of us were finding it difficult not to cry. Indeed, it was a difficult time for us but more difficult for my CHINTU who lost his brother, his friend, and his companion. Having a pet is a very beautiful feeling and an amazing experience but losing your pet is very painful. 

~ Jahnvi Pareek

One thought on “Having and Losing A Pet

  1. I really like this blog because I think I can connect with this as I also had pet once, and I lost it. The language used in blog is very simple and I can really connect with the emotions of the writer, the phases which writer described is very much real and anyone can connect with the same. Even I was really close to my dog and it’s demise shattered me. I like the cute names of the rabbits. The way writer said that the comfort of the pet is very important, I really like that people are so sensitive and caring about their pets.
    Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.


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