“Lose weight feel great” sounds nice? Yes, it sounds nice but it’s not that easy to achieve.

Losing weight is a big challenge it needs commitment and continuous efforts. But before this let’s discuss Why losing weight? What’s the problem? 


Obesity is a condition in which a person’s weight is more than the healthy weight range for their height, age, and gender. It is caused due to bad eating habits like consuming fast-food items like pizza, burgers, etc on daily basis and not burning off those calories. If we will eat more and do not burn that energy then that extra energy will be converted into fat and gradually, we will end up being overweight.

Obesity is not only concerned about body image but it has many other severe problems associated with it like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Cancer, etc. And it can be only treated by Losing Weight.  

So, losing weight is very important and necessary for overweight people because it not only prevents us from various deceases but also gives us the confidence to showcase ourselves in front of the audience without any hesitation and fear of people judging us. 

As in today’s world people often judge others on their looks and make their perceptions accordingly and it affects overweight or fat people very much as it demotivates them and decreases their self-confidence. 

I can understand the emotions of overweight people because I have also gone from this journey of being Fat to Fit. So, talking about my journey let’s start with my school days, during that time I was a very fit person as I used to play cricket, and do physical exercise daily at my school and home also.

But after passing from school, I started my Chartered Accountancy course in which I used to sit at one place and watch lectures the whole day and I used to have lunch and dinner both at that place only and there was no physical activity in my routine and that was the starting of me becoming overweight. 

As time passed my weight kept on increasing as I was at 80 kgs at this moment and people gradually started teasing me about fat…fat. So, then I decided to join the gym to lose weight as we all know we went to the gym so excited in the initial days but then as some days pass all the excitement also passes away. The same happened with me but in my case, there was also one other problem named COVID. 

Just only after doing gym for 2-month and reducing my weight to 75 kgs, Covid came and the whole country was shut all the gyms, parks, etc were closed. I was at home with no physical activity, only eating and sleeping. So, in that one-year time, I gained weight majorly from 75 kgs to 105kgs. Yes… you read it right I gained 30 kgs of weight and I was looking very fat, my confidence was very low, I used to miss every family function because I was afraid that people will judge me, tease me. 

But then I decided to start my PGDM and I was very much afraid that how will I pursue my PGDM with a weight of 105 Kg also I was lacking confidence and there was self-doubt that people will judge me and make fun of me.

So, I decided that whatever happens I will lose my weight drastically and I set a target of reducing 5 Kg a month for the next 4 months i.e., 20 kgs in 4 months, and started cycling for 15kms a day, walking 5kms a day and apart from this I controlled my diet, I used to eat only 1 chapati in lunch with some green vegetable and only salad in the night.

I continued this routine for the next 1 month and to my goodness, I reduced around 7 kgs in 1 month so I got the motivation and continued for the next 3 months and not only achieved my target but achieved way more than that i.e., 35 kgs in 4 months. Now at the moment, I am at 70 kgs.

As I have gone through this FAT TO FIT Journey, I have noticed many changes in myself like I am more confident now, and I have no fear of going between people. 

At last, I want to conclude that obesity is a very bad state so everyone should focus on losing weight as it feels great to be confident and fearless.  

By Piyush Arora


  1. It is true what they say about how being overweight ruins your self-esteem and confidence. Many people can relate to the “Fat to Fit” path because many people go through this difficult time. I must admit that going from 105 kg to 70 kg is fantastic. It calls for a lot of patience as well as a zeal to disprove others. We live in a world where we tend to believe what other people would say, but occasionally what other people would say can be taken positively depending on the individual. This can serve as motivation to prove those people who underestimated you wrong.


  2. Yes you are right as Lose weight feel great is the important part of life once should follow basic diet to stay heathy and fit. Healthy life is now important because of that global pandemic. I must say the way you shared your experience is really connecting as I can connect to it by myself and for sure many of our age group people can connect with your experience, I know its hard when you need someone and there is no one. In your blog you talk about the initial days of your journey that is rally hit me hard as many of us don’t have that much courage to continue with failures and still be self-motivated.
    It’s a wonderful blog you have explained a lot through your experience and it’s really motivating.


  3. Going through this blog felt me very much relatable as the writer showcase his journey from fat to fit, I felt that because confidence is attained by these small things, we feel shy away when our personality that not that the way it should be, writer also suggested the ways to be at our best weight. Overall it was a well read blog .


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