Not again, dude. It’s not a cartoon; It’s anime.

Anime series nowadays are becoming more of an eye-catching entertainment series than others. People are getting more and more influenced by the anime and comics world. Some stories in particular that are of the world of magic and swords, the future world, reincarnation in another world, the martial arts world, etc., are catching the eye of the people. These anime series are created from the comics already written by famous manga writers like Kishimoto, the writer of the no. 1 manga “Naruto Shippuden,” Oda Eiichiro, the writer of “One Piece,” and many more. Moreover, some are even inspired to create a little bit of such fantasy in the real world. One such example can be said to be metaverse, but that’s another topic.

One such anime story most liked by the people is that of Naruto Shippuden, where the MC becomes the most hated person by the nation due to it being the vessel for a demon that created havoc in the past. Another story Is One Piece, where the world is created by the pirates and marines, where people are inspired to become the freest man in the world, i.e., the king of the pirates, and to find the biggest treasure, One piece. “Death note” can also be said as one of the popular anime where the MC gets the power of the “Shinigami,” a death god, where one can control death by just getting to know the name and face of a person. It’s a story of a detective and a murderer and how they play the game of cat and mouse.  

 These anime series are the most awaited in Japan, the U.S.A., Russia, and France. Some series even developed the 2 or 2.5 hrs. movie in addition to the series and are becoming hits at the box office. Recently “My Hero Academia – World’s Hero Mission,” “Demon Slayer – Mugen Train,” and “One Piece – Red” is creating waves on the internet. People of other nations are eagerly waiting for the arrival of these movies. 

And then, some call these anime series ‘cartoons’ and compare them with the kids’ programmers. Children watch cartoons containing moving drawings with a little story to make it interesting for the kids and develop their cognitive functions like identifying colors, communication, basic understanding, etc. It doesn’t even contain a shred of the basic application of reality. This example alone can be the biggest difference between cartoons and anime, as anime can express all types of emotions of a human being. It’s not too much to say that it is another special world with its world laws. 

I have seen some people yearn for such a world to become a reality as they don’t like their reality. Such people find the anime world fascinating and want to crossover to get their new beginning. Some people are trying to promote anime around the world, like the sportsman in the Olympics after winning a game mimicking “Luffy, “the main character of “One piece,” or in a football championship where the ace of the team mimic “naruto” to get people’s attention on such worlds.   

Ayush Gupta,

One thought on “Not again, dude. It’s not a cartoon; It’s anime.

  1. I can still clearly remember the time when my friend introduced anime to me back in 2014 in the summer vacation. He shower me a clip and asked me to watch naruto just for 3 days. I didn’t have much to do at that time and so i did it. After the 2nd day it got intresting and so i started following it till the series completion. It was the best show of my life which comprises of all the emotions that a youngster goes through but can’t explain. After that show i became a complete fan of anime and till now i have watched over 50 animes over the period of 8 years. As time goes by new series are popping up which are damn good but there are also those who don’t know the difference between anime and cartoon.


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