The Answer to Why Me?

Why Is It Always me?

“Itni Shiddat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai, ke har zarre ne mujhe tumse Milane ki saazish ki hai. Kehte hain ki…agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.”

A famous dialogue from the movie “OM SHANTI OM,” is true in all senses. The higher power is working. You might call it God, Guru, the Universe, Light, or a simple dot. If you put your whole focus on something, whether it’s a negative thing or a positive thing, it’ll manifest itself in your current reality.

Now, if I tell you guys, you hold the power to create your world, or you can choose your life, or you have an abundance of options to choose from. Would you believe me? No.

But the truth is a world where there is no competition exists, whether you believe it or not.

We control our fates. The film “Inception” depicts how we create our entire environment in our dreams, including the individuals we encounter in our daily lives, the people we meet, the locations we go to, the inadvertent avoidances of death or meeting someone by chance, and the things we experience. However, they are not mere coincidences; we built them in our minds. Our reality is the beginning of our thinking.

Just like when we start humming a song and the person next to us starts singing or someone randomly plays that song, or you might hear that on the radio. And then you ask yourself, what in the name of God is happening? Is this a coincidence? With this, you put an end to all the magic that was created by you. Because you chose to believe that it’s just a mere coincidence.

For instance, if we are getting late, we keep telling ourselves that we don’t want to be late and then we come across all the factors that stop us from reaching early. We asked for the red lights on our way or our lost documents, which might be another factor that accompanied us. Do you know why? Because we created it, we were asking for it. We were so invested in telling ourselves that “we don’t want to be late,” instead of “we will be on time no matter what.” It’s about the subconscious thoughts that were associated with the phrases we were constantly repeating. We visualized ourselves getting scolded or feeling the fear of what it would feel like to arrive late. Ultimately, that started showing.

Our mind catches what we are feeling even before we start our thought process, be it fear, happiness, sadness, or mixed emotions. And that’s how the subconscious starts working.

We usually talk about how we feel about people and places. Remember those times, when we visit a new place and we feel something different? It might be a fragrance we cannot forget till now or the time when you met a person and you just clicked, you felt relaxed, more positive, and happier. That’s because our body and our mind are telling us something, and at that time we chose to believe, so the magic unfolds itself into something greater. 

“Our subconscious thoughts are the outcomes of our conscious world.”

What we are thinking subconsciously we are creating that simultaneously, in the meantime. We think negatively, and we receive negatively; this is the universal law, and vice-versa. The stronger the Law of Attraction, the more forces are working together. We are so unaware of our body and mind that we have no control over what we are thinking and are hence unable to control our outcomes/reality. We are attracting the consequences of our subconscious thoughts and manifesting all of that in this dimension.

We were taught as children that for every rupee gained, there must be a sacrifice. If we desire anything, we must give something up, or one thousand rupees necessitates more effort than one penny. Because we are all forced to believe in this manner repeatedly, our subconscious believes the same, which manifests itself in our conscious reality. We are determining our boundaries, our worries, and our fate.

However, when we recognize that we are the only ones manifesting and creating this, there is no one else to blame. We will understand the answer to the question “Why me?” “Why is it always me?” Is no one except the person asking these questions, which is Us?

Now the question is, “How to control our subconscious?” And another question is, “How to believe in whatever we are reading?” To know more about it, the initial books that you can read our “Secret” and “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.”

By Akshita Gupta

2 thoughts on “The Answer to Why Me?

  1. Hey! It was an amazing read. I love the concept of imagination. That is how we imagine what we say or have in our minds. We form a picture in our mind and our energy is invested in making it a reality. That’s the law of attraction and manifestation that you focused upon. Truly love the concepts and the way you took examples and added to the already enriched data was splendid. Furthermore, the books that you recommended in your blog are stepping stones to gaining more knowledge about the universe, spirituality and yourself. Amazing books indeed. Looking forward to reading more content like this.


  2. The answer to why me? More like it is me but no one else who is responsible for whatever’s happening with me. This blog talks about the power of manifestation, that whatever you think in your mind or you really want from within and keep manifesting that will happen, good or bad. Manifestation is real believe e it or not. And the blog is so well written that you can clearly see that she knows what she is talking about or has experienced it herself. The blog is based on the concept of manifesting and I have also read the book the secret which she also mentions in the last, in that book the same thing is mentioned that you think and create, there is no one else but you who is responsible for your actions because universe manifests whatever you thought of in your mind, so we can actually create our destiny by thinking of things we want and manifest.


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