There are no two words in the English language more harmful than “Good Job”

You might think that why the good job is quoted as harmful words but yes it’s true the reason being it stops a person from learning and becoming a better self…. too confused right, let me explain it to you. How do you get to know about something that you have done which tells about how good or bad it is? or how much you have improved from past performance? or what are the strengths that are hidden by you but known by others?…the answer to these questions is FEEDBACK. Feedback the transmission of evaluative or corrective information about an action, event, or process to the original or controlling source. Feedback is not advice, praise, or evaluation. Feedback is information about how one is doing to reach a goal. Feedback should not be considered an option, it must be considered as something which needs to be done. Feedbacks are of two types- Giving and Receiving feedback, One must try to give and take feedback in a professional manner which leads to improvement for the other person. And a good job is not constructive feedback, when a person has told that they have done a good job, for them they might think that they have done well and might not try to improve because that has not been told to them, instead of this if feedback giver tried to elaborate it to the person more on where they were best at and where they need to improve, it opens more scope for the person for improvement and also in a way to motivate them. DO’s while giving and receiving feedbackFeedback should be given appropriately so that it might not hurt another person. Try giving Sandwich feedback- start by telling where the other person has done well and then where to work upon and lastly ways to improve. It can be formally or informally. One must know that feedback should be given to the person who is interested in receiving it. Should be taken positively and try to improve on the same. Offer suggestions and guide them on how it can be done better DON’Ts while giving and receiving feedbackIt should not be given in a criticized way. Avoid being close-minded. Avoid passing judgments. Try not to give feedback until asked, and don’t feel demotivated while receiving feedback, it has been given to you to work on your weak areas and to become a better self.

By Poorva Kedawat

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