When Jaipurians met Ahaanis

“Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly. But the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it goes on flying anyway.” -Mary Kay Ash. 

Very well portrayed by Mary Kay Ash which indicates the sign of hope.

Similarly, Ahan Foundation the name suggests is a morning glory that brings in new rays of hope and opportunities into the lives of people with special needs. Ahan Foundation educates train, and support them in all ways to maximize their quality of life and enable them to earn dignity and respect for themselves in mainstream society.

The main reason why I got attracted to the Ahan foundation was that they not only care for child education or skill development but also every aspect of their life. Whether it is about their training, career, or marriage and even thereafter.

It was my first ever visit an NGO. I was excited to meet ahaanis.

We were waiting in a hall for ahaanis then suddenly came to a noise saying “jaipuria se aaye hai,” it sounded like they were more excited than all of us present there, his name was Mahesh. He asked everybody names and tried to recognize everyone by their names. Then came Parth who was a very good cook. Siya, had an eyesight problem then also she used to make so beautiful strings of beads and keychains. There was one more Ahaani by whom I was really inspired. His name was Om. During covid Om’s father was hospitalized; at that time om managed everything whether it was an oxygen cylinder or hospital bills. So, we interacted with each one of them, talked to them, clicked so many pictures, and then had some refreshments. Afterward, we got to know how talented they are. They were no less than an artist. They were multi-talented. Some of them are good at painting, some at dancing, some of them are very good singers, and a lot more. The paintings, hand blocks, keychains, string of beads, dyed dupattas, and handmade Rakhi were so ravishing. Everyone was mesmerized by seeing their amazing work. They have also painted a wall which was very beautifully painted. So, it was all about the first day. 

Now we all Jaipurians decided to engage ahaanis in some activity, so we decided to have a salad competition among all ahaanis. After a while competition started and we were so amazed to see their efforts and their enthusiasm for the competition. They were just trying o do everything independently without anybody’s help. And they did it very well. 

They don’t want sympathy, and they don’t want an extra car. All they need is love, and support for more productivity. We just need to be friendly with them for more social interaction. They are in every way much more talented than everyone. They can do everything which we can’t do. So, do not treat them below yourself.

By Muskan Pareek

One thought on “When Jaipurians met Ahaanis

  1. The story of the Ahaan foundation is genuinely a very inspiring story for me. I believe whenever we see someone who is especially abled, we try to help them out of pity and sympathy instead of genuine concern. To be honest it is not our fault and we as humans are conditioned to work this way. But the Ahaan foundation has set an example for us to empathize not sympathize. So, let’s come together and give our best to help the especially abled persons and foundations like Ahaan.


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