Adapting to the change

According to the survey done by Deloitte’s European workforce, 40% of the employees found it difficult to adapt to changes related to covid-19 in the workplace.

Despite the fear of change, it is inevitable. Businesses can either resist change or adapt to it and survive. For example, without digital innovation what happened to Nokia they wanted to stick to the windows OS in their smartphones. They got the offer from Google that we are making a new Operating System Called Android because they’re leading the charts, but they refused and then Samsung accepted the offer and used Android and now Nokia is history and Samsung is on a whole different level. 

The above example shows that “We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are”.

Although adaptability in the workplace has become increasingly important for employers, it isn’t a skill everyone is born with because have different reactions to change and many of us think about different aspects, whether it is necessary, whether we will cope with it or not, etc.  

But on the other hand, we should consider these things to overcome change the most important thing that will motivate you to adapt to the change is to look at the positives because positivity leads you to think out of the box because it will increase your capability only if you think that “you can” then mind will extend its root and let you make it happen. And other things you should consider to make your mind for the change is to take a new perspective and change your mindset, prepare yourself to change, focus on your strong zone, and communicate with your concerns because communication will surely help us to take decisions because everyone has a different thought on it and your part is to take only the positive and helpful things for your future and remove all the negative solutions on the spot.!

What is the importance of Change in your workplace?

           First, the most important thing is if you have changed yourself and coped with the environment in your workplace, it will make you a “more valuable employee” because you have updated yourself, and update itself means to remove your drawbacks and make yourself error-free day by day and it is also will be happening with us because working on your weak parts makes you more confident and valuable. These are some important things that will happen it will “Help you to stay relevant”, it will make you “More Valuable,” and it will also increase your productivity.

Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.” So, say yes, to change.


4 thoughts on “Adapting to the change

  1. You can’t become who you want to be while remaining the same person you are. The ability to adjust to new circumstances is an important aspect of our lives, which is the topic of discussion in this blog. In the modern world, everything is a race, and if you want to win, you have to run as quickly as possible and join the competition. To survive and thrive, you must be able to adjust to any change. I can relate to Jishan because, like him, I’ve been through a lot of transitions to get to where I am today, and he’s talking very sensibly and very intellectually in this blog. It shows that he has been through a lot of change.


  2. It is quite obvious that good change is the ultimate key to excellence. Be it be your company you’re working with, job position you’re working in or coping up with new way of working in the same place. It is crucial to have a adaptive nature always as unpredictable changes can be approved inside the work . As even mentioned in the above article after covid-19 how work culture has changed . Most of the IT companys and MNCs have made it 100 % work from home for the employees. Not everyone is comfortable always working inside 4 walls alone and this may be one the reasons why unemployment has increased after pandemic.Employees tend to backoff from the new challanges they need to face inside the workplace instead of thinking and providing best ideas they have.
    But yes if you have adaptive nature you can surely adjust your lifestyle along with work.


  3. This blog is very interesting because it begins with a very good example of Nokia and Samsung and connects it with the adaptation of change in the workplace after Covid 19. I found this blog very interesting. Due to the fact that it contains information about the workplace, the blog is excellent in terms of knowledge and information. In addition, it highlights the fact that an individual cannot develop into what they desire if they continue to be who they are at the present time.
    And I would say that Jishan, the author of this blog, has done a good job, and I anticipate that in the future I will see blogs similar to this one from your side.


  4. Absolutely agree as the only thing which is constant is change. If you aren’t changing, you aren’t growing. Either its at personal level or at professional level, we should always ready for change as everyone around us is constantly changing like people, technology etc. and we don’t change with them we will left behind. By change it doesn’t mean that we are changing just for the sake of change, i mean we should change for better. We should always be ready to work hard on us to cope with changes as these are the ones which will move us forward in life. So i am happy that someone touched this topic, its really insightful.


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