Miracles are not meant to be understood, they are meant to be believed. I too believe in Miracles.
Miracles happen with everyone. If you have experienced it, you know!
If NOT!!! You did not notice. But miracles do happen!

Stepping into a new city is not so easy, different people, different feelings, different environments, scary to trust strangers, drooping attachments (with people and God), etc. After coming to Jaipur, connecting with God is what I have lost.
I am a Satya Sai devotee and a Sai student. Being in His fold for three years was a very beautiful and spiritual experience. Those three years of my under-graduation transformed me from a normal person to a spiritual being.

One Sunday, a girl from my hostel met me in the kitchen and asked me to come to her room for lunch. I was very confused, what to do? Whether to go or not?
Finally, I went to her room. We both, Richa and I were having lunch on her bed. She spread the newspaper very carefully so that bedsheet will not get dirty. Extra newspapers were kept aside. Suddenly, my eyes fell on the extra newspapers over there and to my utter surprise, I could see a picture of my Lord. It was unexpected, as Satya Sai organizations hardly advertise.
I asked her if I could have that newspaper. She was like, “These are waste ones, a month of April, useless!!!.” I mindfully read the advertisement (28 August 2022), which was about a campaign by Satya Sai organizations for free heart checkups. I found the contact number there, of a coordinator from Jaipur. At that very moment, I called him and asked if any Satya Sai mandir is there near my location. I explained to him that I am a Sai student, recently shifted to Jaipur for my post-graduation, and want to visit Sai mandir. He too was surprised and happy with my call. He invited me to the mandir for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.
I had an amazing experience and the satisfaction of reaching Him.
I left Him, but He did not fail. Very slowly and gracefully, he again entered my life. He is taking care of me and shaping my life by making me feel that He is always there for me. It was just a waste of newspaper for someone, but through that, my Lord reached out to me.
I realized the way of living and started a new journey again with Him. I am his chosen One.
Be it big or small Miracles are Miracles. It feels like finding stillness amidst the chaos.

BY: Kajal Malakar,PGSM2230

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