“A foolish person thinks themselves to be wise, but a wise person knows themselves to be a fool”
Welcome to the wonderland of being foolish. We are so happy to make you a part of “la Familia (the family)”. We have extensive activities to make your day wonderful. Before we start our activities, the only prerequisite required is to “let your fears and insecurities flow away”.
Wisdom is not a bad thing, but in fact, there is a fine line between being wisely foolish and being foolishly wise, when people applaud you for your wisdom and you start trusting yourself to get things done, it doesn’t take time for you to become “foolishly wise”. Hence the first activity and the lesson we all should remember are “Never take things for granted”. Always be thankful for your blessings and beware of the actions around you.
Let me share a story with you all:
During my 11th standard, I got a call from my uncle. He was concerned because the college in which I was studying was not among the top 10 colleges for the IIT foundation. He tried to brainwash me into making me feel guilty for choosing the wrong college and that my life is ruined because of the choices our family made. But then I got an admission into VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) and which was among one of the best institutes of India and surpassed a few IITs as well and then the same person had shared in all the family WhatsApp groups that I secured a great college seat.
The above story is the learning for our second activity which is “When people try to make you feel bad or pull you down for your doings, always remember that it’s their opinion or mindset and it has nothing to do with you” unless it is from your loved ones or your well-wishers.
That brings us to our third activity “How to differentiate between well-wishers and well-fishers”
Story number 2 is here as a refreshment in between the activities:
When I was in VIT, it was a tradition instilled in my mind that I should not ignore the calls of my relatives which is my so-called extended family, I should update them on my regular day ranging from how I woke up to how would I sleep, and the reason I was made to be believed to do this was for the wellbeing of me. This used to take away a lot of free time from my day and when I looked back after a while, all I could remember was the calls made but not the education I had to grasp. During that time there were people as well who used to ground me by reminding me that “Always complete your work on the day itself”, “Google anything and everything if you are not understanding any of the concepts”, and “Healthy food leads to a healthy mind” and the same things are repeated even today which is from my immediate family.
From the above story, it is easy to differentiate between well-wishers and well-fishers.
That brings us to the next activity “How to break a cycle?”
The answer is simple, keep your hard work in silence and let success make the noise, and repeat the cycle. Be foolish enough to commit a mistake and wise enough to make a new mistake and that brings us to the last activity “How to be wisely foolish?”
Read carefully……
Just be yourself that is with honesty and ethics. Unless and until you are true to yourself and you never forget that there is an absolute source of power safeguarding you from your worries, you are unstoppable.
Here comes the end of the training on “How to be foolish?”. I hope you had a great time in our wonderland. See you all next time for another rollercoaster ride.


2 thoughts on “HOW TO BE FOOLISH?

  1. I liked what you said about being stupid enough to make a mistake and smart enough to make a new one. There will be people who will try to bring you down, but you can stand tall if you are who you are and always makes sure to believe in yourself. You can’t get hurt until you let them hurt you. Thank you so much for such an amazing blog.


  2. Rightly said Likhitha “Never take things for granted” Always appreciate the efforts and the actions around you. It’s okay to be imperfect and to be foolish because everyone judge you and you get influence by your surroundings it’s totally fine to play dumb sometimes. The stories which you have shared is really relatable with respect to the context I really enjoyed reading that it keeps me engaging. After reading the blog I have a question in the back of my mind which is why did you choose master shifu’s picture ?


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