How to deal with my first arrogant customer

I belong to the business family and trust me it is very difficult to attend to the first customer without any skills. So, my father runs a textile business in which we sell saree and lehenga. 

There are challenges when you came across to deal with your customer and your business journey begins when your customer is a woman. It is a tough job to handle a lady’s customer. The challenges I faced personally were they were never satisfied with the product they always want a better one (bhaiya Kuch or Dekho !!). and another was to stay calm whatever the situation is whether the customer is purchasing the product or not.

When I was in 11th class, I started selling saree and all stuff, so I came across two women entered in my store. All my staff has the customer already and I was the one who did not have any customer till now. Then these two women told me that they want to buy three saree for the wedding purpose and I saw that they were annoyed by something. I started showing them a variety of saree according to their budget, the first thing which I observed was that they are not taking any interest in the product (saree) which I had shown and one of the customers said (bhaiya ye sab kya dekha rhe ho ,purana hai , kuch naya dikhao). It was the same scenario when I showed a different collection, the customer is still not satisfied with the product and told me the same thing to me with a rude tone ( kuch naya dikhao ). 

I was confused at that time I am showing them the latest collection but still, they cannot find a single saree that suit their attire, but after a couple of minutes I understood things will not work this way. I started talking to them about which color they wanted, which fabric want and did they want their attire heavy or lightweight. I created a friendly atmosphere and diverted their mind the collection which I have shown was not out of fashion. After that, I started showing them the third round of collection and you cannot believe that she picked five sarees out of them. While talking to my customers I came to know that they were annoyed because before they visited our store they already visited some other store and the owner and staff member of that store not treated them well off. After getting services from me they get satisfaction and build trust in the firm. 

One piece of advice I would like to share with you that I received from my father, was whenever to deal with the customer treat them like your family member and be happy when you deal with the customer it is the positive energy that you spread around yourself and don’t think about what if the customer does not purchase any product from the store REMEMBER that customer never forget that store where the person treats them well. 



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