Not Your Usual Cinderella

Is it necessary for Cinderella to always be in trouble for the prince to come to her rescue? Can’t she be the one with good fortune, a perfect family, and everything going her way? Can’t a girl like that have a fairy tale that she adores? So, talking about myself, I am just a normal girl with a perfect family who adores me. I have no major problems, just the usual ones. Sometimes I wish to be a princess, but thanks to my father, I am always one. I’m an adult now, but I’ll never be the grown-up in Mom’s eyes. I have a sister who is perfect in every way. I admire her, but I can’t tell her why! Come on, you know why! Telling her about it will make her feel ‘High’ like on the nine clouds. Big sisters are always the role models that we secretly admire. I live in a big family with my wonderful cousins, aunts, and uncles—even a brother who genuinely cares about me. I have a really special bond with him. He is like my best friend, supporter, and my crime partner. Now you must be thinking …. Do they all love me the most? Do I love myself? The answer is YES!!!! I am like the house’s little munchkin. Thanks to my brothers and elder sisters, I have a free pass to everything, including the most notorious one. My mother and father have never said no to me for anything. But you know what, still, Sometimes I feel like a total mess up. Having so many tantrums, seeking everybody’s attention. Come on….

No one is born perfect, after all. Yes, who says ideal families do not fight or have problems, but they are ideal because they stick together, One for all, ALL for one type. I consider myself fortunate to have all of them: a fantastic fortune and perfect life. All I’ve learned in my life is that your strongest support is your family, and you should never let them down in any situation. Even Cinderella had problems; we all have. We only need a fairy godmother to hold our hands and help us be our best selves. That is what your family or loved ones will do for you. Just trust yourself, be confident and have faith.

 I was just wondering if you ever wanted your perfect fairy tale ending, a normal girl like us, by having faith and trusting the right people. Whenever you face any issue, connect with someone you can blindly trust. In my case, my go-to people are family members; in yours, it may be different; don’t let your morals suffer!!! For anyone or anything, we are all the perfect Princesses of our own stories.

 “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

By- Yashika Bhalla

5 thoughts on “Not Your Usual Cinderella

  1. Yes I totally connect with all the things you said about family as I also have a big family too with great uncles, aunts and awesome cousins but I am the bigger one, so I am expected to be the responsible one, even though I love having fun, I still try to give my 200% to whatever thing I try to do or learn because I am trying to be a good role model for my little brother and cousins, I connect with your big sister’s situation more as I understand what she is trying to do.

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  2. ,Being a fan of the fairy tale Cinderella myself, I do believe that issues may come and go, but we should not be letting ourselves down for anybody else in our life, ups and downs are a natural part of life, and it is always a blessing to have someone in one’s life who they can trust. They steer us in the right direction and offer our wisest advice for us. Every one of us is, in fact, are the princess iof their  own story.

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  3. I appreciate how she used her blog to convey a dream. The way that everything is going in her life is exactly how she always wanted it to be, and that makes me feel good. However, this blog demonstrates how Cinderalla is dependent on others—first her family, then outsiders. But in today’s society, independence is vital, so strive to be as brave and strong as Cinderella so that we can take inspiration from them.

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  4. Yes we all should not be the usual cinderella anymore , waiting for the prince to come and help us. No not at all. You have beautifully expressed your views which each and every girl should resonate with. We don’t need anything else , we have our family with us. Family is the biggest blessing we have. Every family has it’s own ups and downs , but it is important to stick together and enjoy the moments. Yes it is the most difficult task to tell your elder sister how much they mean to us , and that we look up to them as idol’s. The blog brings out the emotions well and brings a smile on the face and that’s the strength of this.

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  5. In the wake of perusing this blog ‘Not Your Usual Cinderella’, I can thoroughly connect with this since it’s totally right that nobody can have an ideal life except for on the off chance that you have your family and a few close peoples who are generally there to hold you in your high points and low points so you are the most fortunate individual ever and I’m honored that I really do have such individuals on whom I can constantly depend upon at whatever point I’m miserable or feeling low at any period of my life and furthermore in the most joyful snapshots of my life. Favoured having such loved ones.

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