Planning Most Important

Why is planning important?

It helps you identify your goals. This allows us to make clear and specific decisions about what needs to be done to have the desired impact on society.

 2. Involving everyone in the planning process ensures everyone understands the goals and what needs to be done to reach them.

 3. You will work in a goal-oriented manner rather than lose.

4. Planning helps you accept what will help you achieve your goals and what will hinder you from achieving them, and help you understand what you can do about them.

 5. Planning helps us be accountable for what we do.

 6. Planning helps us determine how best to use our resources (people, time, money, information, and equipment) so that they make the greatest contribution to achieving our goals.

 7. The plan forms the basis for effectively evaluating and evaluating our services. 

As we discussed above that is why planning is important. I would like to share one of my life experiences due to lack of Planning and how I have issue faced difficulty to achieve my goal.

During my school time I like to play kabaddi, early I don’t have much interest in kabaddi but when there is live streaming going on TV “Kabaddi premier league” I saw how players are playing & one of my favorite players named “Dubki master”(Pradeep Narwal), when I see them while playing so I also want to play, so I started to practice at home, in school I also got selected in kabaddi team as a captain, that day I feel very proudly to myself. 2 months before the tournament, we got information that our school also participating in that tournament, that tournament will be held in the Mahwa district, so as a captain I just gathered my team and told them that we are honored to get a chance to play in district tournament so we need to do practice in every morning before the class so for that we need to come early to school, so in two months we practice a lot and our team looks like that no one can beat us.

One day before when tournament started we have major incident in our city(Jaipur) that misunderstanding between 2 religion that lead to Article 144 , all of us were so excited for tournament than our parents tell us that there is major incident in our city so how you can go to Mahwa , all of like shit we practice a lot all the excitement level came zero , then we talk to sir that how can we go now so sir told us that not to worry we will that tomorrow , at that night I did’t sleep because of that incident but next day some how we manage to go mahwa in bus because public bus facilities were ongoing , as we reached there we came to know that there is some regulation regarding weight category that they only allow upto 65 kg weight , as a result out of 7 player those are playing 5 are overweight as I remember we only have major difference is 2 kg maximum and my weight were 66.2 kg so they tell us you all are not eligible to play , as many request they give a chance to took a weight again next day , as I remember we did’t eat that day and also drink water when we feel that no we can’t live without that and whole night we walk then run then walk whole process will continue till morning. As in the morning, we measured again except for one team member 4 of us got selected and given a chance to play as a result we hold the 3rd position in that tournament. We all are so happy at the end.

So by experience, I learned that planning is most important in life as we got all the guidelines related to the tournament but in excitement, we did not read any of them, as a result, we face lots of problems. So PLANNING IS MOST IMPORTANT. 

Dev mudgal

5 thoughts on “Planning Most Important

  1. After reading this blog I found it very useful because it tells you that what’s the strategy to make a strategy regarding any work. Steps mentioned in the blog are so simple and meaningful that they are easy to be remembered and adoptable in life. The use of words in the blog are done wisely and effectively.


  2. I found this blog to be quite useful after reading it since it teaches how to create a plan for any work. The methods in the post are so simple and relevant that they are simple to remember and use in real life. In the blog, words are employed correctly and efficiently.


  3. A crazy story written in the style of a blog. How you went from being nervous to getting good feedback in public says a lot about how confident you are. Everyone who is worried or feeling down should look at your website and be inspired by what you have done. Highly motivated to focus more on self-belief, do the work with 110% effort, and avoid thinking in terms of results.


  4. This article was quite beneficial since it explained how to create a strategy for each given piece of work. The blog’s advice is applicable to everyday life and simple to remember, making it a wise option for anybody to include into their daily routine. The blog uses words effectively.


  5. The blogger rightly said that planning is important and how to plan things can change total dilema of everything, it not only reduces the mess but also complete the tasks efficiently by the team.
    A good plan can lead to success while a failed plan can lead to loss. As a reader I felt, it was nicely written and beautifully explained.


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