” Social Obligation: The New Liability “

Goodness is the only investment that never fails. Everybody is well aware about the term social obligation, yet do we truly know it?

Humans are very good at pretending and faking. At front, they would show as though they are truly concerned. However, it barely makes a difference to them. You call yourself nature lover and afterwards you throw things hither and thither. You call yourself an animal lover and afterwards you say I love eating non – veg. Isn’t this bizarre?

All of you have seen the Coronavirus – 19 stage, the victim’s family were willing to give whatever amount was asked to them, just to get oxygen cylinders. What were we doing and what are we still following is deforestation, we continue to cut trees then and presently. Do you have any idea that somewhere out there, there is a tree tirelessly producing oxygen so that we can inhale. On a serious note, I think we as a whole owe an apology to them.

We used to do charities and donations in the past however we don’t do it now. Why? It’s pretty simple because we know the truth somehow that they will involve our cash for their amusement as opposed to for helping other people. If we do charity for any cause; we make sure that we gain legitimate appreciation for it. In any case, we failed to remember that genuine cause is giving from the heart without taking the credit.

Enterprises are likewise similarly answerable for climate degradation as they discharge harmful gases in high extent, dump squander in water bodies, machines cause a ton of aggravation and so on. We want to get back to a degree of social obligation that we haven’t seen for quite a while.

All of you have been to sacred places. Everybody has seen the state of mules (a creature whose guardians are a horse and a donkey). They carry a lot of weight to high elevations. People have been so fierce to those innocent creatures. Look into their eyes once for only 10 seconds. Albert Einstein once said that the world is a dangerous place for those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing.

Most likely the youth, the future is participating in numerous activities for the betterment of our society however they are simply doing it to acquire adherents by making an emotional connect to home associate with the general population. What I would say is don’t use social media to impress people, use it to have an impact on individuals. Ultimately, I would like to say that there are two primary choices throughout everyday life – to acknowledge conditions as they exist or accept the obligation regarding transforming them.


One thought on “” Social Obligation: The New Liability “

  1. That was such a thought provoking article.Empathy has been vanished from mankind. People find their selfish motives in each and everything.


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