How many of us have worked in a team? Well, I guess most of us; this is what my blog is all about today teamwork.

During my internship, I was a hospitality head in an Event Company in which I had to see all the details of the guests arriving at our event from their arrival details to departure details and so on. It was a 4-day wedding event where I had a team of 6 people. I brief all the team members thoroughly and gave them the details of each guest who was coming for the event. During the checkout time of the guest one of my team members while taking the details for their departure wrote the 5:30 pm instead of 5:30 am. This created big chaos in the hotel as these guests wanted to have a cab to drop them at the airport; on the other hand, all the cabs were already booked. All the team members started blaming each other, and then conflict took place among them which affected the other work of the event. So as team head, I solved the problem of guests by arranging a cab for urgent booking with the help of the team members, and after the completion of the event, I had a post-event meeting with the team to make them understand their mistakes and teach them the importance of teamwork. 

Whenever we work in a team, always cross-check things twice or thrice till you are sure about that information, and never show to others that the team is not internal coordination. Always be attentive when we listen to things from others because sometimes the small points we neglect are the important key points that help in taking future decisions. If we work in a team, divide the work among themselves everything would be so easy and sorted as we arranged the cab for the guests with the help of each other, instead of blaming each other first solve the problem because if we blame each other it’s going to affect our other work so, first solve the problem then after that see where we made a mistake. Always motivate each other and never let each other down. At the end of the discussion, we did some ice-breaking activities, and the next time all my team members were better than before

Teamwork is the collective effort made by each member of a team to achieve the team goal. Individually, we all have certain skills, and we are good in one area. If all of us come together and use our strength and expertise in the right direction, then it will give the best result. Also, it gives an opportunity to each member to learn something new from each other.



Janvi Thawrani

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