Dreams vs responsibility

Yesterday I watched the match between Sri Lanka vs. India. It was a perfect example of a nail-biting match, and it reminded me of my days when I used to play cricket. The most beautiful time of my life. I use you think that one day I will also represent India in cricket one day. But unfortunately, because of the responsibilities I never asked for, I had to leave my dream of playing cricket. My parents didn’t ask me to quit cricket, but I knew they wanted me to focus on my studies and get a secure career. From childhood, I always believed I had the perfect personality to be a sportsperson. I knew I could’ve been a good sportsperson if I had been given a chance. But now I am a management student who is actually not bad because management or business-related stuff is my second favorite thing. Many of the people in my life think that I can be a great manager. But there is one thing I’ve promised myself: I will always play a sport for the rest of my life, maybe not for career purposes but fun and health purposes. And being very honest, it will keep me happy. Sports has always been a happy place for me. Whenever I am around a sports and watching others play, it makes me happy and full. It is very hard for a person to find something that they love to do and they are also good at. People are always confused between what they like and what they are good at. I am a perfect example of it. I think I am very good at playing sports. On the other hand, people say that I am good at managing. I remember one day, I was talking to a friend of mine about my dream to pursue a career in cricket, and then he suggested the best idea to me. He said that I should be a Sports manager where I can be connected to sports and have a career in management. This way, I can do what I am good at, and also, I can be where I am happy the most. The lesson I’ve learned from experience is “Sometimes in life, we to quit something we love the most for the people we love the most.”

By Yashasvi Tyagi

2 thoughts on “Dreams vs responsibility

  1. “Dream vs Responsibility” the title itself says it all, it’s so relative as I am also a big cricket fan and i wanna play for the country but responsibility stopped me to do so. And you Stated a line that is very touchy “Sometimes in life, we have to quit something we love the most for the people we love the most.” and this goes with everyone because we all loose something sometimes we love to do but we have to drop it and let go to be on the other side of life.


  2. I think this is a great blog. It’s so important to understand that dreams and responsibility are two different things, and that you can’t have one without the other. I’m sorry you’ve had to sacrifice your dream for your responsibilities, but I think it’s good that you’re thinking about how to make sure both aspects of your life are going well. If you’re going for responsibility by giving up your dream, it’s very hard call to take but deserves a pat on the back because here you’re putting someone else above yourself and that’s not easy!


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