Path of success through failure.

“If you don’t try at anything, you can’t fail… it takes backbone to lead the life you want” – Richard Yates

Everybody has a story of failure and loss, and every epic failure is an excellent learning opportunity—those things we wish were done differently, better, or never happened.

I have a story of failure, but that did not stop me from moving forward. So, my journey of failure started when I was in my last semester of graduation and couldn’t be able to decide what I wanted to do after my graduation.

As time passed and I graduated, that day I decided to try on competitive exams because my father always wanted me to be a government employee. YES! There I made the biggest mistake as I had not given a thought to this and just followed my dad’s dream rather than following what I wanted to do and what I wanted to achieve.

So I started my journey in 2018 with a little confidence and fortitude and went ahead, started my preparation, gave my first exam, and got FAILED!

Yes, but I consoled myself and decided to try again and again and again but got terribly failed in every attempt; trust me, it was the most painful days I was experiencing, two years have passed now, but I am still trying because I knew what I am capable of and the Covid came. When things got resolved, I again appeared for the exam and missed it with .75 marks, I got shattered and was upset the whole week, and somewhere I lost my hope that day and just thought of taking a break from everything. 

I lost my hope, my dedication, and my patience, and then I decided to let it go as I thought maybe it was not meant for me and then move forward with my professional degree; I think I took the best decision, it was not easy, but still, I consistently came to find there was something else to be enjoyed after one door closed.

Looking back, I see it was all good, everything that happened.

The opportunities after the so-called failures paled compared to what I finally got. I had to be patient enough to see it open out.

Everything that happens comes with a new awakening, a new way of life, and a new way of being. You have to look at it that way. 

Start looking at life in terms of what you can and will do with what you have, wherever you are.

Strive for success no matter what…and make lemonade! Success is our lesson. Success is our second chance.

By Avantika Shukla

2 thoughts on “IT’S NOT OVER YET!

  1. The blog is very well-written, and your journey has really inspired me.
    I’ve been giving failure and success a lot of thought lately. I’m really interested in it because I’ve been through a lot of both in my life.

    One of the most things to keep in mind concerning failure that it does not last forever. It’s easy to get stuck in the moment and feel like you’ll never get better, but that’s not true. Failure is a normal part of life, and we all have to deal with it. The most important thing is to learn from your mistakes and keep going.

    I also believe that success should be something to be be happy about. We live in a world which is often very critical, and when we’re concentrating on the bad things, it’s easy to forget the great things that have happened. But I think it’s important to take the time to enjoy your successes and be proud of what you’ve done.
    Reading about how someone went from failure to success is always inspiring, and I always learn things from these kinds of blogs. Keep doing your best!


  2. Your blog is a perfectly shows how people should face their failures. Each and every person goes through their own failures and success and what’s important is that you should keep faith in yourself and keep the learnings from the failure with you. Success doesn’t teach you as much as failures do. We all should be happy when see the success for sure, but when you fail , we should celebrate that too with open arms. Your journey is what catches the most , as you mentioned you missed the exam by .75 marks and to overcome that and re- start from there is what inspires the most. Thank you for sharing and motivating.


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