“The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom” – By Abdul Kalam

I got a call last night from one of my friends when I was in school. We were not in touch for a long time when suddenly he called me up last night. It was a bit awkward in the beginning as we were talking for a long time. But that awkwardness didn’t last for much time. We went on to remember the memories we made of being the backbenchers.

Backbenchers are not just sitting at the back end of the rows of the classroom rather, and it’s a feeling, an emotional connection each person feels there. I was also a backbencher in my school time. People on backbenches create each moment into memories that are cherished for a lifetime. From being late to class to getting punished by the teachers, all the memories are alive and intact in my heart. As rightly quoted above by Sir Abdul Kalam Best brain always comes from the backbenches can be true as people out there in the backbenches have different approaches to mindsets, which in turn enlightens them to think differently, which makes every backbencher different from others. As I can remember, the bunch of us were the only ones who were the top scorers in the class.

From this I learned one thing in life: We should fully enjoy the moment we are in and keep other problems aside. Grab the best of the moments as it will never come again 

By Harsh Choudhary (PGFB2222)

6 thoughts on “LIFE OF A BACKBENCHER

  1. This blog about backbenchers was wonderful. Even when I was in school, I didn’t like sitting on the front bench. So far, I’ve only been happy sitting in the middle or at the end. The funny thing about sitting in last is that you can eat your lunch by lowering your head down or eating chewing gum with your hand over your mouth. We are independent learners because if we don’t understand what is being taught in class, we have the option to read and learn about something else. As you wrote in your blog, the memories of being a backbencher will last for a lifetime. I totally agree, because I believe that’s why, no matter what we do, our teachers often remember us by saying, “Oh, you did that!” Any event without us is so boring, because the energy of any event tends to depend on us. You made a good point when you pointed out that the top students in your class were the ones sitting in the back, because everyone have a preconceived notion that we won’t do well in any of our classes. Now, everyone knows it’s just a MYTH.


  2. This makes me remember of the time when we use to snuck in the back seats at some boring classes and play games and eat our lunch. We also sometimes use to listen to the songs in our phones. And the best benefit was when we developed our own language so that we can talk from one corner of the class to another without saying a single word. Truly the backbenchers are creative than the most of the students. Thay are the ones who had most fun during school and also begged average if not the highest grades, but who cares, in reality it’s the character and idea that matters the most.


  3. This blog on back benchers reminded me of my good old days from school and graduation when I too was a back bencher.
    Back Benchers believes that greater enjoyment leads to greater learning. Thanks to the back benchers, classrooms are always vibrant. Few of the back benchers fail in life itself, while many front benchers fail to learn the lessons life has to teach them. I firmly believe that whether you are the first bencher or the last bencher has no bearing on what you learn. It is untrue that only those on the front seats advance in life, while those on the back benches are always left behind.


  4. Amazingly written and explained greatly as a backbencher I can relate with this blog. It is bringing all the fun we used to have in my days at school, we were the ones who were scolded since the start of the year and were given praises and prizes at the end of the year because of our good numbers. Not only this but today also we all are doing quite well as per our age. So, this is bringing back all the good memories. Thinking about calling a friend.


  5. So this blog is the most relatable one since I have always been a backbencher. Each and every one of us has countless happy experiences related to school. Despite the variety of persons we encounter, backbenchers consistently stand out as the most fascinating and extraordinary. Everyone is curious as to what these last bencher adolescents get up to and why professors and teachers are so dubious of them. Last Benchers is full with stories, some of which get around the school’s campus while others die with those last benchers and are never shared again. Last benchers are known for their awesomeness and rule more than just the last benches. They are the emperors of their domain.

    Although there is this myth that backbencher are the most dumb people I refrain from accepting this. The best memories will undoubtedly come from being a backbencher, even if it doesn’t help you achieve good marks. The memories that endure and provide you with rewards for the rest of your life. After all, the world’s final benchers have accomplished a number of marvels.


  6. This reminds me of the days when we used to play games and eat our lunches while hiding in the rear seats of some boring classrooms. We occasionally also use our phones to listen to music. The finest benefit came when we created our own language, which allowed us to communicate with one another without using any words while moving from one part of the classroom to another. Honestly, the backbenchers are more inventive than the majority of pupils. It’s true that they were the ones who enjoyed themselves the most in school and who earned average to excellent grades, but who cares? In truth, it’s the person and the idea that count the most.


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