How to Raise Happy Kids

“Act the way that you want to feel.” – (Gretchen Rubin)
There is something in everyone’s life that makes them content. All of us play some sports (cricket, football, basketball, chess, ludo, and many more). Playing any game makes a person worn out, but internally, it makes us feel that we can achieve everything in life. First of all, everyone has to find what makes them happy. What makes a tiring day a memorable day?
The play itself tells you to do something to enjoy yourself. Happy people live with purpose. They find a way how to be happy. So start playing sports, and you will know how to define happiness in life. When a person is on the field, their spirit is high and feels like there is no better feeling in this world. This solves the issues of the day to day life and makes your mood lighter and calm. No matter how we are stressed related to study, job or anything makes you back to form. Sports help us to tackle things and help to overcome difficult situations in life and keep our minds and body relaxed.
We can learn much more from games and sports. As cricket is my favorite sport, I have learned many things from it. We have to stay calm in every situation no matter how worse the situation is, first, we have to think before reacting. Secondly, fitness is more important than your skill. If you are mentally fit but not physically, then your skills are not valuable to others, like in cricket The person who performs consistently in the team is usually the one who is the fittest. It is hard to improve your batting or bowling skills without working on your fitness. Thirdly You Can’t Hit a Six on Every Ball as singles and doubles play a vital role for batsmen for securing, as in life also, people should work away, step by step. Fourthly, the Timing of Your Decisions Matters it is very important to take the right decision at the right time because a single right decision can change the whole game, like shuffling the batting position and rotating the fielders in life also, people should take the right decision.
As we can relate lives with sports, why sports are very important in one’s life because it plays a vital role in our life.

By Rishabh Gupta

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