Peace after death!

Life is a process of becoming. A combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” ~Anais Nin

Is death the only way to get peace? What is the meaning of death? Is it peace, or is it the end of everything, all your problems, disturbance, and failure?

Life gives us many experiences, such as success, failure, love, hatred, etc. some of them motivate us and some of them may lead to depression. 

In this competitive era, the competition to be successful is at its peak. Students are over-pressurized. They work a lot on themselves. They sacrifice everything for their family, and friends, and the most important thing is their childhood. All these sacrifices are justifiable and are of worth if they succeed. But what happens when they don’t???

Here I won’t be talking about a successful full student, but I will be focusing on THE LIFE OF A FAILED STUDENT.

It is very important to understand the mental situation of a failed student. Everyone is worried about society and their social status that “log Kya kahenge??” to be very honest, this question has been ruining the life of many people. (It might be you as well) everyone has to go through this situation at least once in their life. Due to this pressure, they take wrong decisions.

When a student does not clear an exam after a lot of preparation, he is afraid of family, friends, and society. If the surrounding is favorable the student can stand again and fight all his failures.

But what happens when a student is not supported by their immediate people? They suffer from mental turbulence. They begin to think that they are the most unwanted person and burden on the family. They are surrounded by their own overthinking, and they become depressed. This leads to committing suicide they think that they don’t have any other solution. In search of mental peace, they end their life. They think that this is the only solution they have.

According to me, this is not the only option. They should not let die their willingness to live.

They just have to stay strong and fight, or they can also find the way which makes them happy. And yes, I believe in the “three idiots” movie’s famous line “ALL IS WELL” they should always say that next time, I can do better.

So, death is never the last option, and it is never an option.

Peace after death is just a myth.

 By Amit Gupta 


2 thoughts on “Peace after death!

  1. The way you explain the problems of student now a day is becoming common they can’t able to handle the negative things about them they feel shame when they fail in any part of there life and they thought that this is the end of there life and because of that thinking they took a wrong step in there life that this is the only way to get out of that problem

    Death is not a solution for any kind of problems .be strong to face that problems

    So at last i agree the way you explain
    and discuss this topic with us is so nice

    Thank you.


  2. The way you describe students’ problems today is becoming more and more common; they are unable to handle the negative things about themselves; they feel shame when they fail in any area of their lives; and because of this thinking, they made the mistake of believing that this was the only way to solve the issue. There is no problem that death can solve. Be courageous to tackle that issue. Finally, I must say that I appreciate how well you explained and discussed this subject with us.


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