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I RECENTLY PURCHASED AN PETROL CAR OF, HYUNDAI I20 in January 2022 and that was an upgrade over my Hyundai eon of 2017 modal as a new car experience was so delightful it fun as the car is so comfortable, with no noise, soothing experience, and nice pick-up and high speeds the fresh journey was very good but as the time passes I got to know that car is good but it’s an obsession to consume petrol is huge as the average of the car was not around 10kmpl which was a huge burden on the pocket as around 2000 km are minimum in a month to go, and it costs around 20000 on fuel which is not expected in the middle-class group and when I collect the information on the topic what causing such a new and refined car to give a bad experience in term of average so I found many points that justify my question and these points are 1. As the carmaker has to comply with government norms, so they have to add 2 or 3 more filters which cause less pollution and noise these filters use more amount of petrol and 2. Now cars are to be more refined and smooth because of the four-cylinder engine which also giving a major impact on petrol as it has to pass long.3 the petrol motor used to provide petrol is more advanced now which throws or sends more petrol than required to fulfill the power need of cars. Cars nowadays provide instant pick-up through more horsepower and torque mine comes with 81 hp and 400nm that’s why more fuel is used to generate the power Indian roads require bigger tires so companies are adopting more 15- and 16-inches tires and because of that more of rotation happens.
The last and shocking fact which declines the average is the petrol nowadays petrol comes with 10% ethanol which helps the government to reduce imports as it does substitute petrol which has a major impact on average a govt planning to go with 20% that may reduce average by 2 or 3 kmpl less.
All we can do now is either look to EV or petrol hybrid cars which are more beneficial than using petrol cars, or we can use our car at minimum rpm where power delivery is not that much use, which helps in less petrol consumption
Also, the service which has been done by Hyundai is so good that helps the car to perform well through the carburetor motor gets clean.

By Ghanshyam Singh charan


  1. The first mileage of an automobile will be low since the engine, piston, and fuel lines all need time to lubricate. Typically, it takes your automobile up to 800 to 1000 kilometers before it starts to get improved mileage. Mileage will be at its optimum when travelling between 4000 and 5000 km, then stabilize, and get even better when the oil is changed between 7500 and 10,000 km.


  2. As I face motion sickness while travelling in diesel cars, I would definitely prefer petrol cars for sure. Although electric cars are really fun to drive and don’t give you motion sickness. They are ideal for those who want to save money and the environment. Plus, they’re just better cars. Though some issues remain, many people believe that the electric car is the future of transportation. But from my point of view, EV cars aren’t reliable for long routes. More charging booths should be established. The title of this blog really caught my attention. It’s really an eye-catching title.


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