Shut up, Mind!

                        “I’ve got thoughts more tangled than my headphone”

How many hours per day do you think?

“Never thought about that.” So basically, you’re thinking all the time, and yet you never think about how much time you actually spend thinking. That sounds like an addiction, as I am addicted too.

Overthinking now has become a common problem, but when it gets out of hand, it can lead to anxiety and sleep disorders. But the problem is we never consider it as a problem. When someone says regarding overthinking, the first and foremost thing that comes around is negative thoughts, as people just connect overthinking to negativity. But the reality is something different as it can be both positive and negative.

But when you overuse your brain, for negative or positive thoughts, it may result in bad decision-making.

Overthinking may lead to various issues, such as it may lead to self-doubts, cause excessive worrying, may create uncertainty and fear, and many more.

When it remains unchecked, it becomes part of behavior and wastes lot of time and energy.

A lot of people ask themselves, “Why do I overthink everything?”  But no one has the answer to it. But stress and worry are just an emotion, and one can have control over them. But before you learn how to stop overthinking, you should get to the actual problem and find its root cause of it. As this habit can’t erase suddenly, one has to make certain efforts to reduce overthinking.

One can shift his/her thoughts in the direction of positivity and practice certain meditation exercises which calm the mind. Moreover, one can start making a journal whenever any negative or overwhelming emotions capture their mind, as it sheds the extra load off their head and it makes them feel better.

Overthinking cannot be considered a mental disorder but can be harmful to one’s life. It can stop you from maintaining stable and healthy relationships and often leads to building up unnecessary and unwanted fear in your mind.

So, it’s very essential for one to overcome this habit as it impacts overall health, be it physical or mental. As continuous efforts can definitely help you to overcome overthinking. Just don’t take anything seriously, ignore the negativity and just relax.

 “Be strong enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve.”

By Anjali Mahaeshwari

2 thoughts on “Shut up, Mind!

  1. Well, very beautifully expressed!
    None of us talks about overthinking normally because people don’t realise it as major problem.
    I really liked the part where overthinking is linked to mental disorder and how overthinking can become a habit .


  2. Life is simple; stop overthinking it. This blog is definitely a wake-up call for everyone out there.
    Sometimes we need to stop thinking about the past, making plans for the future, trying to understand exactly how we feel, and deciding with our minds what we want our hearts to feel in order to just accept whatever comes our way. The author explains why we need to stop overthinking and what should be done to do so.


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