The hotel journey is all about understanding guests’ needs and wants so that the hotel can provide guests with an unforgettable stay. Everything in hotels is dynamic. The practices of yesterday are no longer relevant today. Over the last decade, hotels are inclining towards data-driven and psychological approaches. A guest journey can be defined as a collection of events that starts and goes beyond the walls of the hotel.

The journey started when I decided to do something different from other students. After the 12th standard when everyone was opting out for BBA & B.COM, I stood out and opted for Hotel Management. I joined IIHM for the batch 2019-21. In the initial days, everything went smoothly and the time flew swiftly, then came the interviews for the Internship.

The first interview I gave was conducted by Doubletree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It had a total of 3 rounds, starting with a basic test, group discussion, and personal interview. After I got selected and flew to Malaysia, a new era of my life began. I started as a trainee in the Food & Beverage Department. The hotel had 4 outlets, inclusive of one Bar. The hotel property had 455 rooms, and the average occupancy was above 90%. 

Doubletree By Hilton Kuala Lumpur is the busiest hotel in the city and I was not at all ready to take on the challenges. But now I had come so far and it was the time I decided that I have to do it. The staff was cooperative and friendly, leaving the higher authorities. Managers were result oriented, and they always pushed staff to work more and more to achieve the goal on time. It might be due to their roles and responsibilities and also because they also had to answer to higher authorities.

I was in the coffee shop ( Busiest outlet ) named Makan Kitchen. Makan is a Malay word that means to eat. I worked in the outlet for about 5 months, mostly in the morning shift. Every day there was something new to learn and every day was a new challenge for me as a fresher. After a time things started getting into order and so was I.

Waking up early, punching cards in the hotel machine on time and starting the job on time, catching a train, reaching home on time and making dinner for myself, and whatnot. Initially, these all things felt like a burden but as the time passed I became habitual, and everything became all right. 



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