Tales of States

How many of us were sure of coming to Jaipuria Institute since the time we started our preparation for CAT? Rather, how many of us were focused on doing an MBA in the first place? Did we just do it for the sake of our families? Or simply because everyone was stuck at the question, “ab aage kya?”
My anecdote is rather a mixture of all the above-stated questions. Neither was I sure of Jaipuria nor of attempting CAT itself. My motivation behind it was, ‘I got to do something in life. Let’s do an MBA’.
The actual burden started when my graduation results were out, and the question gripped everyone, ‘What will you be doing now?’ ‘You are a Marwadi; won’t your parents marry you off within a year?’ This was when things started to get real. I clearly remember it was the month of July, and I was reading about how the competitive exams start in August. I vaguely remember opening a random mail mentioning the next day being the last day of registration for the MHCET(Maharashtra Common Entrance Test). I filled it up without thinking for a moment, thinking maybe it was a sign from the universe. I had not planned on leaving Mumbai yet.
After applying for MAHCET, I realized, ‘I just had a month.’ I am not one of those students who religiously sit in and study for 6 hours straight. Like any other Gen-Z, my attention span does not exceed more than 1 hour. I started studying for the exam myself as I don’t tend to perform well under pressure. The day finally came in. I gave my exam and was not even sure of scoring more than the 50 percentile. Scored 76!!
I knew I would not get into a great college with this score, convinced my parents, applied for CAT, studied religiously for a month, and got 76 yet again!! But I was happy this time as it was a great improvement, and I never expected 76. Now here at Jaipuria, the constant question I get is, ‘Mumbai se Jaipur kon aata hai.’
The kind of exposure I am getting at Jaipuria would not be by side if I did not decide to leave Mumbai, leave my comfort zone and come here to Jaipuria Institute of Management.
Coming from a conservative family in Mumbai, it was a task convincing them to send me to some other place. But it was a great journey. Something I never thought I could do. Something that actually exceeded my imagination. Being the eldest sibling of all, it also came up like a burden, ‘Maybe if I don’t move out, I would restrict their chance to move out too.’ During that phase, for me, Today was not just another day. It was an opportunity—an opportunity to break the patriarchy.
This Tale of States is very close to my heart, and I will cherish it all my life.

By Niharika Kulthia

One thought on “Tales of States

  1. I can totally relate to your tale!
    Well it takes lot of efforts to prepare the mind to move out of comfort zone in order to pursue the dreams. As it’s not just the home and family we miss, it’s complete Vibes that we miss on when we move to other states. But that one dream or Goal keeps us motivated, new friends and bonds make us feel comfortable in one complete new space.


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