That Night

It was on that fine night that I had a reality check in the middle of the night for the very first time. It was the first time that I had ever woken up in the middle of the night, so naturally, I do remember it.

My mom likes to lull me to sleep with bedtime stories based on fairy tales. They are wonderful and stunning, just like the fairies themselves. Fairy tales are the reason why a little girl who is four years old may go to sleep without a fuss. 

On the other hand, this did not occur that evening. It all began with the fact that my dad did not have dinner with me, as he always does. Not only that, but out of the three of us in our family, I was the only one who ate dinner. Those wonderful stories were never shared with me by my mother, either. Afterward, she helped me fall asleep.

Those shouts jolted me awake from whatever dream I was in. As soon as I opened my eyes, I noticed that both of my parents were standing in front of the bed. They did not notice that I was awake, so I beamed my typical grin at them. My smile did not last very long since I had the impression that something was off.

The first thing I picked up was that my folks were not speaking in their usual loving tone. They were yelling at one another. It was strange and unsettling, as I had never heard someone yell before. I was going to call them, but something inside me stopped me.

Although I could not understand a word they were saying, even my little heart picked up on the fact that their conversation was anything but nice. They began throwing punches at one another out of the blue. Both the violence and the yelling were unexpected experiences for me. I was speechless, and all I could think was that I needed to sleep to escape into my beautiful dreams.

That night, I witnessed every act of violence that occurred. My mother and father’s shouts reached my ears. For sure, I will not soon forget that experience. Even after all this time, I still cannot shake the fact that those memories still haunt me. I did not tell my parents about that night. But I still hope I was sleeping ‘That Night.’

People frequently have the misconception that there are only two parties involved in the conflict; however, nobody seems to be thinking about the young children who may be there throughout the confrontation. Even if they do not discuss it or tell anybody else about it, it undoubtedly affects those tender souls. 

Ekta Mitaliya

5 thoughts on “That Night

  1. I must say you are a very courageous person, it takes a lot of courage to share your personal life on the public platform. I guess this topic would be relatable to many of us and I just wish that every parent should read it and know how difficult it becomes for their child to deal with it when they are suddenly exposed to reality.


  2. *Goosebumps*
    This blog walks us though the journey of a young soul. It speaks how one incident changed the entire perspective of a child and how she saw the world, the world which revolved around her parents.
    She grow up following her parents, they were her superheroes. Time passed and she grew up on the way. But she still wished that things could’ve gone differently.
    And when Sasha sang in her song OLDER that “The older I get the more that I see
    My parents aren’t heroes, they’re just like me.” We all felt it.


  3. This blog takes us through the experiences that shape a young person’s soul. It describes how one event was responsible for altering a little girl’s entire viewpoint and the way in which she saw the world, a world that had previously focused around her parents. You have picked an excellent topic, as many of us have either gone through this personally or watched it happen to others. The elderly frequently fails to remember that there are younger children seeing them argue, and that this can have a psychological impact on the younger children. Even when they are older, you can still discover a reflection of that trait in them.


  4. Many of us had faced these king of situations but never let other people know about it not even our close ones thinking what might they think. Regardless of that good to know that you have that confidence to share such a personal experience here.


  5. This blog shook me completely, it shows as how a small thing from parents side can effect the child soo much. How the child must have felt at that moment, it’s very disappointing to see that how parents only think about themselves and not about the little child while having an argument with eachother infront of children’s , how scared she must have been seeing all that violence happening between her parents as we know parents are the first teacher a child have and if they are behaving in such way than what will be the child learn from them.
    You have choosen a very realted topic everyone at some point in their life must have face some kind of voilence or something that must have affected them mentally.


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